Wednesday, 30 May 2007

these boots are (not) made for walking

Notice there's a bit of a shoe thing going on here? Amy had these itty bitty soft soled boots when she was but a pup, long before she was at the walking stage. That didn't stop her wearing a hole in the toe. You see months before Amy could walk she pushed herself around on a little three wheeled low rider bike. She went everywhere on that bike. Round and round and round the kitchen table. Up and down the driveway. Along the beach. Right through the National Gallery of Victoria. Very tolerant folk there I tell you. She'd push forward with one foot and drag back on the top of the other foot - more like flippers than feet. Hence the hole.

But these boots were a complete ripper. You open them and slip the foot in through an velcro opening in the back. Couldn't be easier. When these wore out I looked in vain for a larger size. It was the idea of copying these shoes in a larger size that first prompted me to buy a whole hide of purple leather. And we all know how that turned out.

After my recent successes in felt I'm thinking of pulling out those leather scraps and giving these a go for Wil. I think they'll look rather fetching on a primary plastic low rider, don't you?

But right now I'm hot on knitting. This vest is just a delight, so practical and soft and I love the colours. I was worried about having enough wool so I knitted it too small so I'm rushing to get out another in a larger size as quick as I can. I am finding it a very practical and stylish garment for this time of year, and loving the way I can use up all those bits of yarns that are hanging around and making my stash look so much more indulgent than it really is.

The facts:
Pattern - Bob from Rowan Junior
Yarn - Zara scraps, a total of 62 gms
- As I was using a lighter yarn and smaller needles (4mm instead of 5mm) I knitted the 1-2 year size in stitch count, but the 6-12 month size for length. It just fits Wil at 4 months.
Variations - I knitted both the arm and neck bands in the round after finishing.

And people? I'm still waiting on some sock pattern recommendations. I suck at toe grafting so I figure it's time I try toe up.

And I've got to say I was thrilled with the responses to that last post. Of course I understand the millions of reasons why people don't comment and I wasn't meaning to try and put the proverbial gun to the head or anything. I appreciate especially those of you who braved it and de-lurked - I wish you'd left me email addresses to thank you personally. It does help to have some idea that you are out there, enjoying what I write and not just visiting because Google told you that if you came here you'd find 'picture of hard to see or weird things' (I kid you not).

But I remain interested in the question of what it is in a blog that invites comment. And of course my interest extends beyond the blog and into the realm of life - why some lives invite others in and others just sit and get observed or admired from afar. I've turned to this question more than once over the years so your thoughts are always welcome.

Last and likely least
number 7. From over here. I've run out of stuff to say about Anzacs for now. These are good, but there's only so many things you can say about a biscuit.


sue said...

Love the vest, and what better yarn to use than Zara. I have to say I absolutely love that yarn for kids clothes, or any clothes for that matter. I love the boots, so I hope you can make something similar for your son. Good shoes always get holes in them, it means their well loved.

Violet & Rose said...

Yes, gorgeous vest colours. Lovely.

wallace said...

Go for it! Deconstruct those shoes and make some new ones. Can't be that hard, espcecially with a velcro fastening. I'm sure you've made more complicated things in the past, Sooz. I've made Bob too for my friend's one year old last year and he wore it to death. Now that you've reminded me, I should dig out some ASC and get knitting!

kirsty said...

Sorry Sooz - dunno what happened there in my last comment. Cheers, Kirsty

Suse said...

My latest post has a (baby) sock pattern on it with very clear and easy toe graft instructions.

I knitted the whole sock in one evening, and I am not an experienced sock knitter.

Helen said...

Love that vest - so wee and cute.

Toe up socks - go for it - I researched quite a bit and had quite a few attempts - the best method I found was the short row toe and great tutorial:

As for patterns once you have the short row thing down you can do what you want really - plain or a lace or rib pattern. Lace takes a lot longer but is very satisfying.