Sunday, 13 May 2007

renovations and construction

Finally. The header is back. I considered a new one (just wait till you see my newly sorted spools of thread) but I still love the felt so.

Please let me know if the blog has gone all wonky, the colours are hard to read or the photos take ages to load.

What else?
Mothers day=hosting 2 families in series=more Anzacs. This time Suse's chocolate Anzacs. Please don't bother with the hate mail. I know there is a legitimate point of view that says an Anzac bic can't contain chocolate and shouldn't be without coconut but hell, we needed a change.

Besides the real original Anzacs didn't have oats or golden syrup or coconut or bicarb. So what's in a name I say?

And what do I think of the chocolate kind? Eh. I'm not crazy about chocolate biscuits except the kind that use real chocolate, but within this (admittedly rather fundamental) limitation these are quite good. I am surprised to find I like to combination of oats and cocoa. I'm tempted to try them again and add coconut, since I think coconut and chocolate make excellent bedfellows.

I bought a packet of organic flour on the weekend and it had an Anzac recipe on the back. It's the first I've seen to include cinnamon so that makes ten recipes now, not including the original. It strikes me as kind of spooky that after years of buying the same brand of flour, and every single other packet had a recipe for carrot and walnut cake on it and all of a sudden they're on the Anzac bandwagon. It's copycats all round.

Amy's standing in what is about to become our new shower. Hopefully the garden view will have improved in that time. The floor and framing are starting to lay out some idea of what the space will be.
On the crafty front I chucked this together in a flash on Friday before I flew out the door. When I'm headed out for a day with Wil and I can't take the pram (it doesn't fit on the tram and I don't have a spare grand to chuck away on a fancier one) I somehow have to balance a mighty full handbag over a very unaccommodating shoulder. I've got a backpack planned for carrying the nappies and other paraphernalia, but that's no good for immediate access - the wallet and phone.
I've heard lots of other mothers complain about the lack of pocket on the baby bjorn. And in contrast to the knitting bag, I put almost no time or thought into this. I used scraps I had on hand and put it together in the easiest and fastest possible way (I'm not kidding, 15 minutes max from whoa to go as I was about to run out the door). I figured it could be a prototype before I perfected it but there isn't much I'm not happy about.

It's a rectangle sewn in half with a fold over hem around the top. I threaded two lengths of elastic through the fold over hem in opposite directions and wrapped the ends behind the bjorn front where Wil's arms sit, crossed them over, brought them back out and looped them over the buttons already on the bjorn. I also sewed two elastic loops towards to bottom in the side seams to stabilise the pouch
The elastic in the top of the pouch stops things coming out, but makes things easy to get out. It is unbelievably simple but totally does the job - I can't believe someone hasn't already done this.

And I wanted to post on mothers day about my mum, but time's gotten away from me. Soon.

Oh and yeah, he's still too cute.


shula said...


Are a genius.

rooruu said...

The other Anzac game to play is to take the Aust WW recipe, and cook it in a lamington tin. You need to make sure you cut it before it sets, but it changes the texture again and makes a rather good slice.

LOVELY photo of the babe!

Meaghan said...

Love the new header.

Suse said...

Yeah I too forgot to say my friend makes (normal) anzacs and bakes them in one rectangular tray in one big mass, and then cuts them like a slice. Much quicker.

That boy is too cute.

And you, Ms Crafty, are brilliant.

feli said...

that pouch thing is brilliant. :*)

Janet said...

yeah he is super cute. And that pouch is brilliant.

h&b said...

He *is* gorgeous.

If i'd used my baby Bjorn for mor than 5mins I would have complained about the lack of pocket. As it was, my boy seemed too big, and it made me hot and uncomfortable, so it was ditched.

Renos are looking *Really good*