Monday, 7 May 2007

one two three is the magic number

Whatever happened to De La Soul I wonder? The way I title my posts you would think there was nothing in my head aside from song bites from the 80's, and you'd be mostly right. There's a lot of TV and movies in there too.

Well Anzac #3 gets my vote so far, though D begs to differ (he's in favour of #2) and Amy's just happy that I'm keeping up supply of ANY Anzacs.

Brown sugar is a clear winner for me over the regular white kind and in this recipe the lesser quantity makes them much less sweet. I think the extra water and less coconut also contribute to what I like about them. I'm wondering too if the minor methodological divergence is making a difference - mixing the water with the butter and syrup and then adding the bi-carb to the whole lot. I must consult a chemist...

They are almost cakey once the fresh baked outside crispness has softened. They may in fact be perfect. Perhaps more oats?

Now I'm adding the recipe from here to the list, so now there's 5. Can't believe none of you have added yours to the bandwagon!

And to Shula, who pointed out the obvious to us all, yeah OK, you're right. Leopards don't change their spots, but I can dream...


Janet said...

They look lovely and I have to agree with you on the brown sugar, for texture and taste. I always add the water with the golden syrup butter and then the bicarb. I love that moment it all foams up. And oven temperature is critical too I think.

Would you like to try my recipe? Although it is on the buttery side... yum.

BTW, I was kind of enjoying the long raver posts, but short's good too. If you can. I can't. See.

Susan said...


Go here:

It's the Australian War Memorial Site and the 'original' recipe is very intriguing. 4.5 cups of flour, no Golden Syrup and no coconut. 4.5 cups of flour for 6 biscuits?? They are big biccies admittedly. There is a popular version as well.

I'll definitely have to make some this weekend.

Susan said...


I should have known that wouldn't wrap.

Suse said...

That's right! See! No coconut. Here I go with that can o' worms thing again.

Where's your list of recipes? Are you archiving them somewhere or just linking? Do you want mine? I have two on my blog, one trad, one with chocolate (shock horror).

sooz said...

The original was indeed a different biscuit - no coconut, no oats, no bi-carb, almost no butter, lots of water and a good quantity of wholemeal flour. Not to mention the addition of milk powder and that they were rolled out thick and cut into squares. Really there is almost no resemblence between what we currently make and the original. Thanks Suse.

kirsten said...

i did the Australian Women's Weekly recipe this weekend. husband happy. i use raw sugar usually. 'cos we have it! ;)