Wednesday, 25 April 2007

what's cooking

We had a few days of rain which made a lot of mud and anxiety for those building formwork for very complicated concrete pours. The scaffolding got bogged. This is going to be the bit in the extension that will make you know there was an architect involved. It's exciting and scary to watch. There's always the possibility that we might get caught up in the error side of the trial and error part of innovation. When it all comes together it's spectacular but if it goes wrong our backyard will be a concrete explosion wasteland.
There's been a whole lot of baking today (pissalidiere and raspberry frangipane tart). I'm not sure why. I think it might be my own weird way of meditating through Anzac Day. If I'd been a round during the war I would have been baking and knitting for the guys at the front instead of fighting myself. I've been thinking a lot about those guys today as I finished off Wil's crochet hat and pulled tarts out of the oven. I can't add anything that hasn't been said by so many before me. It makes me this sad. Luckily I could laugh away a little of the sadness with our household laugh machine. With 9 separate fart types and remote light sensitive trigger it never ceases to amuse.

Hat stats:
60 stitch crochet in the round base up
37gm Cleckheaton merino bambino, 4.5mm hook
Pattern? made it up as I went along!

Frangipane tart info:
I use Stephanie Alexander's because it is miles better than the other version I've tried. Pretty much every vrsion I've ever bought in a bakery or cafe has been awful. The home made version is sublime.

Make and blind bake a shortcrust tart case (Today I took a shortcut and used frozen. Never again. It was hideous. Rather not make it at all) or little tarts if you so desire.

The frangipane is 120gms butter creamed with 150gms castor sugar, with 200gms almond meal, 2 eggs and 3 tbs brandy stirred in. Don't skip the brandy because it really makes it. You put the frangipane in the tart and bake it at 180 degrees for 25 mins.

For a plain tart, spread a bit of apricot jam over the pastry before you add the frangipane and halfway through cooking add some flaked almonds on top. My version had (frozen) raspberries scattered over the top. Stephanie also suggests poached pears, cherries or soaked dried apricots. I'm sure the possibilities are endless.


shula said...

Please, please post the recipe for the frangipani tart.

Rachael said...

fart-o-matic...where oh where can I get me one of those?????

sooz said...

Was delighted to find the fart o matic listed on ebay in oz
It's also listed in several joke shop sites. Goodness, what Google doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

Will post recipe.

h&b said...

Hmm - we live in the same Melbourne ?
We got a light rain on one day, and that was it.

Looking good, can't wait to see the unfolding of the 'whatever' ;)

ingrid said...

MMmmm, those anchovies have my mouth watering. I love the little crochet hat, the colours are gorgeous. Oh and good luck in the battle with the mud.

Anonymous said...

That recipie sounds WONDERFUL. Will have to try it!. One question on your wood and wire dolls you make, i also make these and have been using a wood glue to attach the hair. It's pretty sturdy (except when 2 year olds try to pull off the woolen hair!), but wondered what you use. Is there something stronger you use? Great blog - hang in there, the first year is the hardest (i'm into the 15 month with my 3rd - it gets a little easier each month!)

sue said...

I love the tart, looks scrumptious. I think the crocheted hat looks so adorable too, what a great job you did.

Kirsten said...

looking forward to seeing the developing backyard creation! that cast in-situ concrete is looking fantastic! very jealous...