Saturday, 14 April 2007

week 9 from little things big things grow

Wil has started smiling in earnest which is lucky because I am tired and cranky and downright resentful about being so tethered and in demand. As my mum says, evolution has programed babies to get real cute real quick so neanderthal man didn't dash their heads against the cave wall. Indeed.

Between the reflux and the 'anatomically abnormally narrow nasal passages and collapsed nasal valves' Wil has trouble getting air in, keeping food down or sleeping for long periods without gasping for air. Thankfully there isn't too much crying in the night, but an awful lot of snorting and snuffling and snoring which effectively prevents me from sleeping even though there's nothing I can do by being awake. The whole breathing feeding thing tends to get away from him too and the milk goes down the wrong way so there's lots of coughing and spraying milk between vomits. The ear nose and throat specialist said the fact that he's made it this far is encouraging, the first three months are the most dangerous. Indeed.

But I'm loving that flaming red grapevine - hello autumn!

And the house works are going like gangbusters. There's been concrete even. And the removal of a section of fence to get footings in. Our neighbour has some gardening issues - that's a solid wall of vegetation! And the photos don't reflect the true enormity of the thing. D retires to the beanbag each night and passes out from exhaustion. That's hard yakka.

And I can't wait to see Wil in this divine suit D's folks brought back from their recent trip to India. I think those Bollywood studs are dreamy and I just love love love that rich red, it takes me right back to India in an instant.

Oh and because I'm insane I've agreed to do a job in the next month or so. A wee research paper. I know I don't have time and I know it's bound to see me complaining all the more about being pulled in a thousand directions and starved of so much as a moment for crafting, but there are times when you really need to take the tough road now to set you on a better path for the future. This is the kind of work I had really hoped to get when I did my Masters - flexible, contained and brain active - so how could I pass it up?

And there was something else really important I meant to write about but I can't quite remember it right now...oh deja vu...


h&b said...

Ugh. We were those neighbours.

Ivy. Inherited. Worked on. Every night. Neighbours love us for clearing the thing.

I also did a post with a similar title too :)

Is it just a case of the bubby growing a bit more to let the air in ? Hopefully.

Reka said...

I admire you for your calmness about Will\s problem.
I wish you strength for all what you plan to do.
I am a mother of two, a big boy (4 years) and a small girl (6 moths).

jessica said...

oh what a sweet picture. hopefully he will outgrow the air thing. the bollywood suit is darling.

shula said...

The kurta pajamas are hilarious..

All the breathing things with Wil?

I had them exactly with Mym.

Beware the dread pirate bronchiolitis. I had 3 years of grief with it.

Secret is to keep them warm and hummid, but it took me 2 of the years to work that out.

shula said...

And I DO know how to spell 'humid'.

It's weekend, only had one coffee.