Sunday, 1 April 2007

making more stuff

A while a go I contributed to this book. I enjoyed the process of developing a project for publication and although it wasn't a paid gig, it was very gratifying to be put into print and to see the book pop up in bookstores.

I like the book's emphasis on craft as a kind of guerrilla movement and the introduction by Victoria Woodcock was really interesting and informative about the social and historical context of crafting. The projects in it are very diverse and there's stuff that works for all ages, skill levels, aesthetic sensibilities and budgets.

I gather the book has sold well, particularly in the UK where it was published so Victoria has just signed me up for a sequel. This second one will be about craft and kids - projects for kid related things like toys, projects for kids to do and especially projects that adults can do that have a special place for kids to contribute. Say like mum sews the toy and kid knits the scarf or such like.

I'm really excited about projects which are designed for parents and kids together. I struggle to find projects I can do with Amy that aren't just busy work to keep her amused or too complex for her to get involved. It's important for me that the time I get to craft produces something I actually want - so quality materials and skills are involved - but I also want her to learn how to do and love craft.

I know I need to be more laid back and let her be a kid and make stuff with macaroni and another thousand or so paintings, but I'm always on the lookout for projects that meet me half way on what's important for her and what's important for me. I'll be looking forward to trying out some new ones when Making Stuff 2 comes out.

But why am I telling you this you ask? Well Victoria let me know that she's looking for more contributors. If you think you might be interested in designing a project for the book, let me know and I'll pass your details on to Victoria.

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susan sobon said...

how exciting! a second book. i like the theme for this one, as i have two new grand nephews to sew for!! does the project have to be something totally new, or do you know if it can be something vintage revamped??? just wondering...