Sunday, 4 March 2007

week three thoughts

1. The little sample tub of nappy rash cream they gave us at the hospital when we had Amy lasted her whole infancy. Wil's one is almost finished at the end of week three. I can see this is going to be an issue.

2. For the first time in I can't remember how many months I wore button up trousers today. When I should have been napping this afternoon I boxed up all my maternity wear. Yippee. Except I keep forgetting I need to unbutton to pee.

3. After three weeks of abdominal pain I've been rationalising as after pains, normal post surgery side effects or codeine induced gut ache, they suddenly ended in an explosion of pain followed by a resurgence of post birth blood loss. Since I had no blood loss at all after about day 4, I'm either in the early stages of post birth hemorrhage or I am getting my first period. Three weeks after giving birth? Are there no free rides in this life? Pretty much the same thing happened four weeks after Amy was born (though I don't remember the pain bit) and when I rang the midwife in alarm she said, "Suzie, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck." Bummer.

4. In the last 24 hours I've overhauled the spice collection, which is quite substantial. Exactly why I should be doing this on six hours of broken sleep a night is a mystery. I've written before about my storage vessel fetish and the spice collection has long been a site of my more anal manifestations. A housemate once remarked that the way I collected small matching bottles by choosing the same Italian fruit juice for lunch everyday just so the spice rack would look good was bordering on the obsessive. I told him he should consider himself lucky that I confined by fetish to the spice rack and left the rest of the house to disorder. Put that way he quite happily agreed.

5. Because of 2 above I also had to clean out the dresser of maternity clothes, forcing a bit of a reshuffle and the rediscovery of various specialty items long since lost from view. It tells you how bad this situation was that my sister rang me today completely embarrassed that she had discovered the garnet ring I inherited from my grandmother was still in her possession after I gave it to her for safe keeping when we went to Thailand in 2005. Don't worry I told her, I hadn't even noticed it was missing. I just assumed it was buried under all the other shit.

6. Because of 5 above I rediscovered the most fabulous vintage 50's swimsuit I inherited from D's grandmother. It will never fit me in the lifetime, but I love it so. What the hell should I do with it?

7. I am trying to work out whether I should be thrifty and alter the maternity trousers I made to be regular trousers, or whether I should just celebrate being free and ditch them to the op shop, or whether I should try and find a home for them. Plus size maternity is so hard to come by I just know there is someone out there who needs them badly. Can I be bothered finding them??

8. I actually did some knitting today.

9. When emptying the recycling into the bin outside with D, Amy discovered one of her hundred or so weekly drawings going out in the trash. She cried so hard we had to make a big deal about how incredibly good it was that she found it again after if was accidentally lost. Lordy, there's a hoarder coming my way.

10. I am not getting nearly enough sleep but I feel unreasonably happy. How can that be?


Violet & Rose said...

Hi Sooz
Try paw paw cream on the nappy rash.
Laughed so hard at the drawing. I can only put my girls out when they are at school or kinder.

Melanie said...

Oh yep, have done that 'save' re the kiddo's artwork a few times now!

Re. Number 7 - Melbourne Freecycle. Won't be difficult to 'find that person', and bonus points are, you don't even have to leave the house, they'll come and collect from you! Love Freecycle :)

Jess said...

are you still looking for someone to enjoy your trousers? what size are they? i am a size twenty us sizes (probably 22 aussie?) and have had a really hard time finding plus-size maternity. i would never expect to get handmade trousers for free but if you will let me i would love to paypal some funds to you if you think they might fit. by the way, i am moving to perth on tuesday so shipping wouldn't be that bad.

Suse said...

I have one word for you.

Paw paw ointment.

Ok, so three.

Suse said...

Oh hang on, more words.

Yes to Freecycle for your maternity gear. I have given and received many things through freecycle, including an item from Melanie I now realise (although I didn't realise it was her, and she doesn't know me. Hi Melanie!)

tiel s-k said...

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! He looks gorgeous.

I have three words for you,


kt said...

You are still running on new-baby-fumes. Nothing smells better, and that gets all the endorphins milling about, chatting, linking arms and singing together--hence the happy buzz!

Yes, do sleep when he does whenever possible.

Happy to hear it's still happy 'round there. Despite the bum rash.

nicole said...

Sooz - as usual had me laughing at my monitor like a crazy lady.

1. Ouch - red nuts hey?
2. LOL - So have you pissed your pants yet?
3. Not nice or fair!
4. Hmmm reverse nesting?
5. So did you tell her to keep it? :P
6. Have it framed??? Or keep it and give it to Amy?
7. Maybe they'll crawl out the woodwork reading this post?
8. Yay for you.
9. Oh mean mummy ;)
10. Breast feeding high? Lack of sleep high?

Alison said...

Just laughing all the way with you hon.

VictoriaE said...

That's all so entertaining to read! and sweet. I have to sneak out and hide all the kids' unkeepable artwork in the big bin underneath other rubbish at night when they're asleep.