Saturday, 31 March 2007

week 7 (or: I can't think of a witty one liner but I don't care)

I had my 6 week check up with my obstetrician yesterday. It was kind of sad to say goodbye to someone who has been a part of such momentous events in your life, someone who I'm only likely to see again if there is something wrong with me. It's been nice to have a relationship with a medical provider which isn't based on sickness.

But the good news is that everything is healed and looking normal. It was also nice to be greeted no less than 6 times yesterday with "gee, you're looking good" (raised eyebrows). I choose not to take offence at the suggestion I normally don't look good or can't be expected to look good, and interpret these surprised words as a sign I have recovered from birth and am dealing with infancy better than most. Yeah, that's what they meant for sure, I'm freaking fantastic.

I also spent quite a few hours in Lygon Street before and after my appointment. This precinct is known as little Italy for its extensive selection of Italian restaurants and history as the home of multitudes of Italian migrants in the 40s and 50s. It also happens to be home to the Royal Women's Hospital where my babes were born, and thus also to multitudes of O&G practices and thus is preggers and baby central.

I always loved going to my prenatal appointments so I could visit this fecund world, where big bellys are de rigeur, prams the norm and crying babies looked upon kindly. Going back after the birth everyone appreciates your prize and you get more oohs and ahhs than anywhere else in Melbourne. There is also a lot of appreciation and discussion of baby clothes, sling/wrap/baby carrier styles and all other baby issues. I felt like such a dab hand as everyone (complete strangers as well as the team of doctors, midwives and support staff who have come to know us) raved over Wil's hand knitted jumper, hand sewn leggings, cute hat and hand made carrier. I felt totally on top of things and that felt really good. I even managed to balance Wil on my knee at an outdoor cafe in the freezing wind and breastfeed whilst sitting on a stool. With my bosoms that's a real feat.

I came home exhausted after carrying Wil commando style for something like 6 hours, and was greeted with this. Noise and diesel fumes and a whole lot of dirt.

We spent last weekend clearing the yard of plants ready for the excavator. I collected some seeds to help when we finally get a garden back.

The back of the house went from thisto this and behind the deck from this to this to this. Come spring there will be a lot of work to do, and between now and then a lot of dirt and mud (if it ever rains) to keep out of the house. I guess this means we're doing the extension for real now.

I also started a new knitting project. I gave up on the cowl. It was just too boring to knit and since I have a rule to never start a new knitting project until the last one is finished, I pulled the whole thing out and rewound the wool and put it away for another day. Instead I've launched into another hoody, this time for Wil. I scored all this lovely Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran from Simmy so I know I will have enough this time to actually get the hood done, which is very exciting (thanks again Simmy!). I am loving the speed with which the aran weight knits up and I'm remembering all over again what a delight this pattern is to knit too - all in one neck down raglan sleeves. LOVE IT!

Now speaking of delightful gifts from bloggy friends I have to share this amazing package I got from Shula in exchange for the 50's bathing suit. Some lovely fabric and fibre. That orange and brown fabric is just magic and the silk thread is so vibrant and soft and shiny - I just love it.

But I reserve my sheer delight for these handmade goodies. A funky ted for Wil and a super sparkly embroidered and sequined Cindy for Amy. Cindy was made in India based on an original design by Shula's amazingly talented girl Mym, and both the design and workpersonship of the execution are truly exceptional. Amy wants to frame it for the wall because she's worried someone will 'touch it' and 'hurt it', but I'm sad to think it might lose some of it's magic behind glass, so I'm still ruminating on this one (did anyone else watch the house of obsessive compulsives? I cannot use the word ruminating anymore without thinking about the desire to confess to crimes...).

In other news I am terribly excited because we've just finalised our third craft weekend (if you missed them one and two were fabulous). Though these get togethers have always been child free I got a dispensation to bring Wil, which means I may not get much crafting done, but at least I get to go. I am setting modest expectations for myself. Trying anyway.

Anyway, that's my whole Saturday morning gone so I'm off to shop for a great big dinner tonight with old friend and many kids. I'm doing a roast in celebration of the frigid weather and because it's easier than thinking. Whew. Oh and news on the give aways will be coming next week. When I have 5 minutes to think.


Shula said...

I love the Women's. I got FANTASTIC care there during a nightmare birth. I was also born there myself, so I consider it a home of sorts.

Do the Right to Lifers still hang out the front, assuming every pregnant woman who walks through the doors is about to have a termination?

I too suffer from Textiles Behind Glass dilemma. It's a tough one. It's so counter-intuitive to glass them, and yet they are doomed to dust and dirt over time without it. Personally, I still think glass-free. Nothing lasts forever.

Having fun with that bobcat, isn't he?

Violet & Rose said...

Wow. That is a lot of news. Great to hear that you are so well!

kt said...

What a happy, lively post!

Keep up the great fun!

Jessicah said...

I was totally expecting to see the back end of your house gone, but you still look as though theres alot of work ahead! Good luck :)

h&b said...

What a fab house it looks like you own. It reminds my of my own C'wood addy/reno ( and I birthed too, at the Women's :)

Sounds like you're doing terrific, and that can only be a good thing.


Stjernesol said...

Love this post!

and lovely pictures :)