Saturday, 17 March 2007

week 5 (or: most people I know think that I'm crazy)

5 week old baby? The onset of reflux and projectile vomiting in said infant? The entire family coughing up lungs all night and suffering from wicked sore throats? Well then you'd better install a new window, fill the house with plaster dust (again) and make a lot of loud noise to ensure no day time naps can be had.

Do a spot of sewing to keep your mind off it, and ensure said fountain of milk spewing baby still has clothes to wear.

Record your special bathtime moments with crappy camera in poor light.

Spend lots of time in neighbour's house getting cute gifts and letting other people make lunch for you and your child (thank you Tim and Katerina!)

Go visit the out-laws and watch the cousins paw over the boy
and get more cute gifts. Love your work Cath!

Spend lots of time looking at spunky little boy. Change his clothes again, sponge down the couch, change your clothes and do another load of washing.


dani (pyglet) said...

What a time...but without a doubt he IS pretty spunky!

Here's to the spew crew!!!

Shula said...

Ah, reflux and projectile vomiting. It's all coming back to me. I think mym's record was about 15 feet. We used to clean it off the ceiling.

Hey sooz, I got your parcel, thank you so much.

Yours is in the pipeline. I have been in lock down with sick child over this way, but should be back on board next week.

What is it about babies that makes people renovate?

jessica said...

wow, lot is going on.
cute boy.
beautiful children.

Alison said...

And repeat...

Pia is the silent spewer. You only notice the warm dribble down your arm.......delightful.

African Kelli said...

While it does sound a bit hectic, it truly sounds wonderful. What joy to have two beautiful and healthy children!

Angela Savage said...

Hi Sooz,
I was just catching up on your blog and noticed your comment about Wil needing more nappy rash cream than Amy. I thoroughly recommend the Chemist's Own zinc cream with castor oil to prevent nappy rash. It's cheap and highly effective. If ever he does get nappy rash (how can he avoid it?) I reckon nothing works like Bepanthen cream (also good for dry skin, burns, scar prevention, etc)--although I know some people prefer pawpaw ointment (which never worked for me).
New window looks great and Wil is growing more gorgeous by the day. Hope to see you all soon.

Di said...

Ahh, so sad that you need to keep on sewing him new clothes. So amazing that you manage to!!
I'm sure you're not crazy, just a little crazed with sleep deprivation..