Friday, 9 March 2007

two posts in one day!

Left overs for lunch. A fabulous casserole thing with chicken on top of piles of thinly sliced potatoes and red onions, flavoured with mustard and wine and green olives and almonds. A really really good recipe.

And because I'm just loving giving away (the bathers are heading off to Shula - enjoy!), I'm offering up this papoose baby carrier. That's a young Amy in there - ah the memories.
It is similar in style to the baby bjorn and can carry babies of all ages facing in or out. It's super adjustable and I chose it over the bjorn because it has an optional waist strap that helps distribute the load better, a bib attachement that means a chuck from baby doesn't ruin mum's clothing and back pack style easy open clips. It's fully machine washable.

If it's so great why am I giving it away? Well, it just isn't any good on me. I think it's the boob thing. Or my height. There's something about the way it sits on me that means the baby's head is stuck in my cleavage - which could well be a SIDS risk. For the less well endowed, or taller woman I am sure it would be just dandy.

Same deal as before, let me know if you could use it by leaving a comment and your email address.


Krista said...

Wow! I'd seriously love to try a carrier that works for me :) I'll give it a go if you're seriously just giving it away! Maybe it could be the one?
And that recipe up above is making my mouth water..........

Jill said...

Ooh! There's a recipe I would love to pinch! ( Baby Wil is such a cutie. I love all the new babies round blogland at the moment!

h&b said...

I make that recipe all the time !
I think it's a Karen Martini, yes ?

I love, love, love it !