Tuesday, 13 March 2007

thirty days

It's time for a sleep - I'm whacked and on the way to getting buried by the cough that's plagued Amy for a week now. But before I go -
Some sewing - necessitated by Wil's incessant hurling. I am loving that Ottobre magazine! Doesn't the binding on the hem look great?

I normally shun artificial fibres, but playtime with Wil seems to end in the same place every time - the washing machine - and the Noah's ark animal embroidery is really quite OK for a cheap commercial fabric. So here's an easy wash fast drying play mat for Wil's floor time. But I couldn't bring myself to invest the time to do a lot of handwork so this is just a machine job. Lucky he's not fussy.

The definition of love.

Some extra milk making calories. Because, you know, I need them.


suzy said...

You're attacking us with cuteness.
Baby, pants and mat are all gorgeous,and those brownies look divine.

Shula said...

30 days?



Siobhan said...

Apologies. Wil, not Will.

Siobhan. said...

Oops - my first comment which didn't actually publish said....

"And Will is gorgeous too. Lucky you!"

(Hence the comment above!)

jessica said...

how sweet everything is. baby is adorable.

tracie said...

It is such a beautiful time. Congratulations! and yes, I could have one of those brownies. I have only recently discovered your lovely blog, so hello!

Ash said...

I love the one of him lying on his tummy, bum in the air! My oldest used to do that :) It's soooooo sweet! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

susan sobon said...

ugh could he be any cuter??
and the pic of his little bum!!! hehe
and what are those delish looking little tidbits?? some type of fudge? geez they look nummy