Friday, 9 March 2007

mission accomplished

For years I have been meaning to do this.I have had several incarnations of my own recipe book from giant envelopes filled with scraps of paper and magazine cuttings to neat binders with everything glued in. But at some point they always failed me. Increasingly too I find myself wanting to use a recipe electronically - to blog or send to a friend, or just to satisfy my inexplicable urge to reorganise.

So when D brought home a scanner from work for a visit I went to town on all my cuttings and got off my arse and typed all my hand written notes. 190 pages later I have achieved Nirvana in the kitchen.

Best of all I can redo it all at the drop of a hat when I find I no longer care for the A5 binder format, and I can add new recipes in a snap. And I can pass on all those fabulous things that are just begging to be shared, because recipes should be shared.

I take requests!

And here's something else that should be shared, pictures of cute. We're approaching week 4 at high speed and the boy has grown another 2cm in the last 10 days. As the child maternal health nurse said, imagine where we'd be if he wasn't also a chronic vomiter! I'm sure I will live to regret letting a snot filled coughing Amy get so close and personal with Wil, but how can you hold back sibling bonding? And who would want to?

It's hard to stop myself making constant comparisons but Wil is an easier baby than Amy. He's quite happy to have time on his own, staring at the sky, and shows no inclination at all the stand up which Amy was doing from about week 2 (get me outta here! take me places! show me stuff!). He's still an infant, and still demanding, but when I put him in the hug a bub he inevitably goes to sleep. Magic.

And isn't this gorgeous? A little fire truck beaustifully hand crafted from wood. A very thoughtful present from my felt dealer, thank you Sandra! You can see the whole range at her shop.

It's all going so well that I'm planning craft weekend three (remember one and two?) and some clothes sewing for Wil. I might even get the play mat finished. I can dream can't I?

Oh and thanks for the Freecycle tip. What a fantastic thing! With the aim of stopping stuff ending in landfill. Praise be. But even before I got to Freecycle (which I've joined anyway and plan to use EXTENSIVELY) I got a taker for the maternity clothes so I posted off an enormous 5kg parcel to Perth yesterday. I feel positively elated that someone is getting a whole new wardrobe, someone I know has been as tortured by plus size clothes shopping as me. So I hope they fit and I hope she likes them and I hope when she's done she finds them a new home and they go on spreading joy.

And speaking of spreading the joy I've decided it's criminal to hold onto the 50's swimsuit. It's a size 38 (an aussie size 14 or so?) and made from a thick only slightly stretchy nylon fabric. It's in very good condition, I'm guessing hardly worn. So if you think it would fit you and you'd like it, leave a comment and we'll see what we can work out.


Shula said...


Damn, girl, I'll BUY it off you.

I don't even own a swimsuit.

Oh God!

jessica said...

what a sweet photo of the little ones. precious.