Wednesday, 21 March 2007

I can see clearly now the rain has come

It's been a long hot summer, but the temperature is dropping fast down here. We've even had some rain, although the drought is a long way from over. I let Amy choose her fabrics and styles because I think she should be able to wear what she likes. Even if it makes me feel nauseous and like I have been poked in the eye. It feels really weird to be working in corduroy after a seemingly endless season of muslin and the lightest possible cottons.Both patterns are from Ottobre magazine and while they don't include seam allowances (a recipe for disaster when I'm cutting out - I always forget to add them), the patterns in this mag are really good. They are straightforward, fit well and actually work. It's a little bit pricey, but I'll be renewing my subscription. I love that I can just pull out a year's worth of them to find something from any season when Amy needs a new garment.

I also have a copy of the grown ups mag because it includes sizes for big women, but I am yet to make anything from it.


Kate said...

I love that pattern, it looks great - I just need the girls to grow a bit before I make it for them.

Violet & Rose said...

Oh, I hear you with the corduroy. I have a pile of it sitting waiting to be sewn, but today it is sticky and warm again (sounds like a pudding!) and I think I'll just pass.... again....
Gorgeous dress. Love the style. Lucky girl!

Nichola said...

Yep, i bought corduroy the other day with the intent on making Mia some winter trousers/skirts/dresses, haven't decided yet.

shula said...

I love this age. Where too much is never enough.

She's pretty funky, though.

Or is that you, trying to pull it back.

I love corduroy. Not to sew, but it's great stuff.

How old is Amy?

Susan said...

Gorgeous clothes, gorgeous girl, talented mother (and with a new baby too). I've recently lashed out and bought an Ottobre Designs subscription, plus a coouple of back copies. I want to try some of their bigger woman patterns too.