Sunday, 14 January 2007

the walls came tumbling down

After a week of this
We now have this.For some it might not seem like much of an improvement, but it is the first of many steps towards an extention to our house. Hopefully by the middle of the year, this whole bathroom will be remade, but for now the loss of the chimney represents some progress. Poor D has spent an entire week slaving like a dog in the heat while I've been complaining about getting out of bed. He's a hero.

I was blessed with some great books for Christmas - D again :-) I am in love with several of the patterns from this
And although the cover looks hideous on this, there are some nice projects here too.Like these.Crochet sandals! Crack me up.

And now I own at least one stitch and bitch book.Crochet cowboy hat anyone?

I am also pondering potential projects for this delightful gift 150gms of handspun alpaca yarn. It is amazingly soft and a lovely light caramel colour and I'm guessing it's about a 4ply. I think I have all the 0-6mth baby knitwear I could possibly use, so I'm really casting about for something that will maximise the light and fluffy texture - perhaps even something for me?

And I finally scraped up enough stuffing to fill this baby - my frivolous holiday knitting project.It's actually huge - 25cm high and nearly 40cm long - and while it wasn't difficult to knit it was a little fiddly. The wombat pattern came from the same Cleckheaton book of Australian Animals where I got the pattern for Gwen. Great book.

It was quite synchronous that when we got back from the beach, this was waiting for me. Rosie the wombat was my half of a swap from Kate - and we are all MADLY in love with her. Amy carts her around and plays out surrogate sibling games with her, and I admire Kate's amazing pattern making skills. She really is beautiful, thanks so much Kate. So now we're a two wombat household.

And because I wanted something quick and easy while I was watching the TV I got going on another of Roxycraft's animal collection.
Still haven't done any of the things I am meant to have done though.

4 weeks and counting.


Alison said...

So telling you to slow down probably isn't going to cut it!!

Nice loot, and it's always nice to have things lined up for future projects.

I'm still waiting for my bathroom.............................

(I'm getting excited for your countdown :))

sueeeus said...

I love the elephant and the wombat! Congrats on the demo and future addition(s). Wow, four weeks. They go fast!

Liesl said...

Nice work. And, really, every house should have a resident womba, shouldn't it? Must remind myself to get one.

I hope you're feeling well. Here's a little something to occupy your waiting time:

Sorry to do this to you, but you've been tagged. Cheers!

Amelie said...

Those animals are cute! Is the book still available? I tried a quick search and didn't find anything, but I have friends who'd be delighted about a wombat. Could you perhaps post the ISBN? Thanks :)

Cristina said...

Hello! I have the Leslie Stanfield book and I made this:
from it. Enjoy your nesting. Try to enjoy the wait and all good wishes, Cristina