Friday, 19 January 2007

thank you thank you thank you

If it wasn't so darn hot and I wasn't so neurologically challenged I would write you all personal thank you notes. That's the most comments I've ever had on a post, which just goes to show that when you ask for advice you darn well get it.

I seriously appreciate it, so thank you all.

I've written out a long list of great books and authors and I'll be keeping it handy for trips to the library and op-shops. Assuming I ever feel able to leave the house again.

See how quickly I manage to turn a thank you post into another complaint about being pregnant? It's shocking how fast I can turn any conversation into a litany of my woes. Right now I feel fit to burst and I've never sweated so much in my life - even air-con shops feel oppressively hot to me. It's raining this morning but I still need the fan in order not to drown my keyboard.

But ot prove it's not all bad, I had a lovely night last night. As one of the perks of my mother's life of good work and service to the community she occassionally gets invites to special events. Sometimes they let her bring members of her family, keep the speeches and boring bits to a minimum and put on a real turn. So last night we went to the Museum after it was closed to the public and got a taste for this fantastic show.

It's not often a 'stakeholder' event is a joy to attend, but this was a doosy. There was heaps of great food and owing to the large number of kids and grandkids in attendance it was a great mix of kid friendly and grown up fare. There was a dessert buffet with a chocolate fountain for dipping fruit and making sundaes. Chocolate fountain!

There was a performance of the bug circus, face painting in the indigenous style, Bollywood dancing, a roving band and lady historians in Victorian dress, live bugs and a snake to pat, giant bug puppets and dinosaurs and paper doll making. At 9.30 we stumbled bleary eyed out of the IMAX theatre having made it through only the first half of a fabulous 3D film about bugs in the Amazon, then all came home and collapsed in bed.

So even though you don't get to go tot eh bells and whistles version, I had to tell you about it and I encourage Melbournians to go and see the bugs while they are still there (till the end of Jan). You won't get the chocolate fountain, but it's still a heap of fun.

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The Shopping Sherpa said...

I tried to go see the bugs while I was in Melbourne but we were, like, 2 minutes late and they wouldn't let us in :-(