Thursday, 25 January 2007

the routine

**Sorry, can't upload photos today, so links is all I got to offer**

It's late January which means the garden is bursting with these which means I'm doing this to make these.

I salt the de-seeded cherry tomatoes then rinse and toss them with olive oil, pepper and oregano before slow roasting them in the oven. Once done the house smells so good my mouth waters. I could eat a whole jar of them - they are the essence of tomato. No matter how many I make, they all go before I have a chance to put them to the range of excellent uses I have in mind for them (like adding to pasta sauces or risotto or pizzas or sandwiches etc etc etc).

We're also over run with plums, and the odd bunch of grapes growing over from the next door neighbour's unruly yard. Not sure what the grape variety is but they are tiny and deliciously thin skinned and sweet and tangy.

The plums were getting a bit out of control so I made this wonderful plum cake from Stephanie's Cook's Companion, my kitchen super-ego. It's an interesting cake and I've been put off the seemingly complicated recipe before, but I'm a convert now. You make a cake batter, cover it in almond meal, then plums, then a mixture of cinnamon, egg, sugar and butter and bake it as one.

I also headed out and bought wool for my next knitting project. I have to say yet again, it is disappointing how few 10 ply/worsted/aran weight wools you can get here. This one is a New Zealand Merino Angora blend, it's lovely and soft, but the colours were all either a bit insipid or too dark for Amy's taste. Where is the cool variegated stuff in this weight - WHERE??

Oh and here's a question for all you woolly types. I have just inhertited a beautiful handknitted jumper made out of what I would guess to be a hand spun wool/alpaca/(maybe) mohair blend. My only issue is that it is cream - a colour I would be most unlikely to ever wear. Any tips on dying it??


Kate said...

Might have to try your cherry tomato idea.
I second you on finding nice aran weight wool here. I have some for that same pattern - was meant to knit it for last, might get around to it this year - probably should aim for next year.

Danielle said...

Talk about mouth watering goodies from the garden! Yum. I've never dyed a full sweater before but Molly Chicken has a great tutorial for dyeing wool blankets here. You might be able to use it for the sweater.

Claire said...

MMmm... great idea for the cherry tomatoes. We are about to be over-run by those too so I will definitely give it a go!

Di said...

I've also made that cake with Apricots and cherries in lieu of plums. Delicious!! So if you ever have an apricot glut...

rfg said...

That's a beautiful sweater. I made the baby version and the recipient (or at least her mom) loved it. I used Karabella Aurora 8, which also has the advantage of being washable. I look forward to seeing the final result!

The Frog Princess said...

I'm so jealous about your tomatoes! They're out of season here and I'd give just about anything for a juicy ripe tomato fresh from the garden with maybe just a little salt sprinkled on top.

You'll have to excuse me now...I have to go eat something!

Alison said...

Little roasted cherry tomatoes - yumm! Loved the photos on flickr for it.

Aran weights are hard here - especially this time of year. Winter stocks normally arrive February - Sunspun and Wool Baa??? I end up getting all my heavier weight wools from the UK (and much cheaper even with postage)

As for dying - Nicole used food colouring successfully, and you can buy wool dyes for dying roving easily (although I'm not sure what the chemical content is if you were thinking of doing it before baby has arrived and inhalation issues etc)

Now I want to bake.