Wednesday, 24 January 2007

making hay while the sun is napping

After the last couple of weeks I was beginning to think I would never create again, never sleep again, never be able to get off the couch again. Given the scale of my things to do before the baby comes list I was finding this increasingly alarming.

But this week has been mercifully cooler and I seem to have regained some of my mental faculties. Plus I borrowed my mother-in-law's one of these which has been a great motivator. Man, I love this baby. I have borrowed it a couple of other times and it works like a charm in getting my into high productivity gear. And of course in the back of my mind is the fear that I could fall back in a heap tomorrow or go into early labour or we could have another heatwave. So while it isn't too sunny I'm trying hard to make some hay.

There have been new baby slings, one wrap and one ring,and a new nightie for Amy (sorry she's busy sleeping in it so no photos). Tomorrow I tackle a donna cover if all goes well.

I finished crocheting but haven't put a face on this critter since I'm not quite sure what it is. It's meant to be a cat and look like this, but the mouth piece came out completely snout like, so I unpicked it and made it wider and flatter and now it looks totally pig like! Amy quite likes it as a pig, though it has a distinctly feline tail, so I can't decide whether to redo the mouth or the tail or just let it be. I think the pattern (which you can find here for free) is basically very easy and good, and I suspect the problem with the mouth is that you are supposed to keep increasing every round, even though the pattern says to go straight on 14 stitches after the second round. If anyone knows the answer, do please tell me.

I'm also greatly relieved and quite satisfied with a little bundle of these. They are for a bloggers get together here in Melbourne and like most participants, I've been finding it hard to work out what to do. 15 items is a lot to make and I didn't want to get the scale wrong - too ambitious and I'd end up fudging things towards the deadline, too small and I'd feel mean and disappointed in myself. After a lot of thinking and worrying and false starts I'm done, and very glad to be. I hadn't realised how much brain space was going to waste on performance anxiety over a bunch of people I don't know and many of whom seem to be suffering similar fears. Why do we do this mental torture thing? Anyway, like I say I feel good about what's been done and even better about ticking something else off that endless to do list.

Oh, and I've meaning to get back to everyone about that Christians commenting on my posts thing. In fact I actually wrote a post about it, about what I think and believe and why, about Christianity and a range of other religions and organised religion in general as distinct from spirituality and value systems, and how I feel about the kinds of comments that have been left and that they have been left anonymously.

But really, who cares? I choose to believe that those comments were meant kindly - that those who think they have the answer to eternal life and happiness just wanted to share it with me because they thought I needed it. Most likely they don't get why I might see it differently, and nothing I might say is likely to change that. More than likely it will just deepen the misunderstanding and division and really I have no interest in that at all. At all.

And to be honest, it feels kind of good to realise that I don't feel the need to defend who I am or what I believe, or to mark myself out as different to you. So comment away. I'd kind of like it if you didn't do it anonymously, because I think that cheapens you and your message, but hey, if you don't feel confident enough that there is goodness in what you have to say and put your name to it then you got bigger problems that saving my soul. So you know, good luck with that.


Linda said...

I am taking a deep breath and de-lurking to ask a huge favour! When my daughter returned home after teaching in Japan for a year, she brought with her the book that the "Cat" pattern came from. In the course of major home renovations I seemed to have "misplaced" it. I have looked up the instructions on the link you gave but couldn't figure out what size hook and what ply or type of thread is required. Could you please enlighten me?

shula said...

It could, of course, be a pig cat.

Jess said...

your brief statement about spirituality is perfect. way to keep it cool and casual. taking the high road all the way there.
also, the cat-pig could be a lemur? maybe?

ax174 said...

> I suspect the problem with the mouth is that you are supposed to keep increasing every round

I was stuck on this too, until a Japanese friend pointed out that the mouth piece is a long tube that is sewn on sideways.

stephanie s said...

you know, my sister calls those good folks 'god botherer's'. i giggle every time i hear it. love your middle of the night, quietly working away photos.

Meaghan said...

I'm dying to find the perfect (easy to make by hand baby sling. Have you hit the jackpot? I've hit rock bottom! Pretty please? :)

Meaghan said...

Oh, my email address is
If you happen to have the baby, I totally understand not hearing from you.
Good luck!