Sunday, 28 January 2007

and it burns burns burns

God, I hope it isn't the harbinger of impending birth that I suddenly have the energy to churn through the list of projects I positively need to do before thumper decides to try life outside the womb. But hey, if it is, I am glad I'm not wasting my nesting urge on cleaning.

And because D is nesting too (more demolition and use of noisy power tools, more plaster dust and strange power point configurations) there isn't a single decent horizontal surface in the house that has good light so you'll have to live with sub optimal photos that make everything look all wonky. All illusion, trust me.

It's a sign of how much knitting has grown in my life that this needle roll is twice the size of the old one and has special pockets for wool sewing needles and a needle gauge and stitch markers and stitch holders. Gadgets and add ons. So far it pleases me greatly.

So much so that despite starting my newest knitting project only days ago (and it's progressing quite nicely thanks for asking) I had to go out this morning and buy some more wool. 6 balls of variegated 127 Print to make a hoodie for thumper's future wardrobe, and 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya handspun in shades of green because it is so gorgeous and apparently discontinued. I'm thinking a scarf for me when the weather turns cooler. It's no mistake they are both 10 ply/worsted/aran weight yarns since my difficulty locating good yarns in this weight has given me a hoarder's outlook. Damn it!

And I bought this wild little bamboo wool sewing needle, no doubt well known to serious knitters, but a first sighting for me. I hope it is as nice to use as it is to look at.

Aside from more knitting, the next project on the list is a new handbag.

15 more sleeps (not including naps) till thumper arrives.


Di said...

Sounds like you're into the "tidy,tidy" nesting phase... And you've reminded me I've got one or two of those bamboo sewing needles somewhere. I must figure out where they're hiding!

samantha said...

only 15 more sleeps?! phew! I'm getting excited!!
and I didn't know Maya was being discontinued, must go purchase some straight away.

kirsty said...

Hi Sooz, Well done on all the sorting and knitting in Summer! Not seen the bamboo needle. Where did you get it? Am heading home for a while next week to escape the London winter and show off the babe to all and sundry!

kt said...

Great post! All looks yummy. Sending good thoughts for all and sundry for the next few weeks (and beyond...)

Joyful House Farms said... the needle roll. Been wanting to make one for my eight year old daughter for her crochet hooks. I like your idea of the extra little pockets. She'll love it!