Saturday, 9 December 2006

rushing by

:: Amy's much improved - pretty much as good as new - though I am most definitely not forgiven for failing to stay by her side through her hospital ordeal. She asks me daily why I wasn't there and doesn't really listen to my answers. We all know it's not something I can explain to her satisfaction. She's not letting the world off the hook either for the way it let her down too. She's surly as hell and I can't blame her even if I have to discipline her. Thanks everyone who wished her well. Let's just hope she forgives us all soon.

:: It's really really hot and it seems like half of the state of Victoria is being chewed up by one of the worst bushfires we've had since the 80s. The air smells of smoke and you can barely see the horizon through an eerie orange glow. Already a few of our favourite bush camp sites are nothing but ash.

:: I'm over the 30 week mark and it's all getting a bit serious. There isn't a moment of the day that I'm not aware of what's coming over the horizon. Those kicks are starting to smart and that ain't the half of it. Ain't nothing I can do to resolve my schizophrenic joy and terror.

:: I'm going to a fancy party tonight and what do you wear when you're as big as a house and it's stinking hot and you know every other person in the room will be looking like fashion models?

:: I crocheted my first flower today. I can only encourage those who think they aren't crochet people. It grows on you. There'll be pics soon. When me and my camera aren't partly melted.

:: We've started on the Christmas decorating. Some of this and this. Thank you so much Simmy and Stephanie, you generous bloggers who share your patterns and instructions. You've saved me.

:: Did I mention it's really really hot?


crumpet said...

I'm too hot to know if you already mentioned that it's hot.

Anonymous said...

is the heat from the fires also? that is so sad what is happening.
i hope it will all be okay.
take care.

Kate said...

I'm so glad she is better and hope she forgives you soon. I went to a fancy dress party as a disco ball once.

Sharon said...

soozs I don't know what part of Melbourne you are in but I know exactly what you are talking about (smoke wise) I suffer with asthma (not badly just enough to be annoying) and the smokey environment has not helped... I have the worst sore throat I have had for ages - again due to the smoke... The moon last night ( early hours of ther morning) was the strangest colour as was the sun yesterday... I am so glad your little one is on the improve... And you take care of yourself...

Suse said...

So relieved she's better!

I thought the other night, I'll just make three of those soft tree patterns for our Advent table. Ahem. They're kind of addictive, aren't they? I've made about a dozen so far and have some more cut out and pinned.

tiel s-k said...

Just caught up with all the sickness news. Hope you are all getting back to normality now!

Here is my recipe for you to get better and survive the heat!

Homemade Lemon Squash: I'm not good with quantities.

Make your own sugar syrup the night before or first thing in the morning. 1 cup of fine caster sugar and 2-3 cups of water. Bring to boil, dissolve sugar and allow to cool.

Squeeze several lemons (around6-10)

Add syrup and lemon juice with soda water. You just have to add the quantities per you taste. You may like more lemon than sugar. It is great with gin, but being pregnant you may not want to. Plus they are addictive. My kids love these...sans gin of course!

Julie K in Taiwan said...

I'm totally with you on the schizophrenic joy and terror thing. I'm also jealous that you are past 30... I'm at a measly little 23.

Give your little one lots of hugs and she'll soon forget and forgive. So glad she's better.

Loving your Christmas decorations!