Saturday, 16 December 2006

crochet and the world asks, what the heck is that?

So far I've had one fascinated participant observer for every crocheting tram trip I've taken. That's got to be a record isn't it?

Not one single person has ever engaged me about knitting, but I seem to have seriously rocked a few people's worlds simply by hooking my way to work.

And each conversation starts the same - what are you doing?

Like crochet was some kind of secret underground thing. Not a blink for knitting but total astonishment for crochet.

I've had backpackers, a couple of young women who sat in stunned silence for a good 30 seconds before regaining enough composure to ask what it was I was doing, older women who confide they feel bad that the family domestic arts stopped short at them.

I'm getting through two flowers per commute (if I get a seat) and finding I have almost reached the auto pilot stage. Very gratifying. All the neices are getting flower hairbands and clips for christmas and all my little wool scraps are disappearing. Heaven.

The little frog is another Roxycraft creation. Loving those patterns!!

And here's Amy scoring at kinder lame Santa fest. I won't repeat myself here, but if you want to read my views on Santa come over here and read away.

I was intensely happy when Amy came out to me later and whispered that it wasn't really Santa, just some guy dressed up as Santa and she knew because she's seen the costume in the office. She seemed pretty happy with herself too.

At least her kinder has a books only policy so there's no sugar and plastic, and the parents are a pretty good bunch so we hang around for a few hours after the concert and have a barbeque and a chat. And a couple of beers when we aren't pregnant (and one light when we are).

Amy's room sang Rudolph the red nosed raindeer this year and I must say I thought the face painting was pretty cool.

We were also thrilled to discover two other kinder families will be holidaying at beaches very close to where we are staying after christmas, so we have a safety valve in place for when the collage, DVD, beading projects are all passe.

And here's an overdue shot of the Apricot crop. In what must be one of my more bizarre home growing experiences, the entire tree ripened in a single weekend. We were thus overrun with ripe apricots which we've duly scoffed with abandon. With a shelf life of only a couple of days we had to force our way through apricot tart as well as half a dozen whole fruits per day. Hard work I tell you.

And for those that asked - beta blogger is fine, a seamless and automatic transition if you don't mess with your template. Which of course I did and now I can't seem to load my lovely felt photo banner in the header and no one so far has stepped up to tell me how, which is pretty unusual for the increadibly helpful folk in the blogger google groups.

So you know, if you have answers, please. Please.

I'm feeling right naked here.


shula said...

Crochet Curiosity Syndrome happens to me ALL the time, and it's fine, as long as I don't have a hangover, and I would never dream of being hostile to someone who is showing an interest in textiles (God forbid!). But do you ever find yourself wishing that you could just sit there and crochet in peace?

Sometimes it's the only peace I'm likely to get that day.

shula said...

ps. And even as a child I found the man in the Santa suit thing completely excruciating.

Sharon said...

Apparently somethings go 'missing in action' during the transition soozs...

Re crochet in public - for a few weeks (and having a deadline to meet!!!!) I would sit and cross stitch in the foodcourt before I went to work each morning one of the maintence people suggested I might be charged an entertainment fee... People seem fasinated with others doing something other than the normal(eating, drinking coffee) first thing in the morning...I even had a bloke who came and peered at me (his swaying coffee cup dangerously near my stitching - spill THAT on THIS buddy and you will FEEL what I am doing!!) I would love to crochet but like tap dancing I gave it up a long time ago.... You take care now....