Saturday, 11 November 2006

too cool

Here's me thinking I'm teaching Amy when I get out the pipe cleaners to make some pipe cleaner animals. While I focus on the instructions she goes off to get the felt and icypole stick and the next thing I know there's a whole world there. I just love that tree.
She's outstripping me on the creativity already.

And wow I was gobsmacked to see this. I feel like a mega star!


Anonymous said...

My mum complains that there's still amsking tape on the carpet from where I used to make toilet-roll palm trees and forests and stuff, copying playschool.

Mine were definately not as cool as that... now I want to make pipecleaner worlds!

jessica said...

that is creative for sure. excellent!

Hippy Mama said...

Thanks for the photo!!

It seriously didn't even occur to me to get DIFFERENT COLORS of pipe cleaners for bending.

What a doofus I've been (smacks forehead) !

h&b said...

Your jungle rocks my world.