Thursday, 30 November 2006

the good, the bad, the ugly

Here's Boo.

Boo's making me terribly happy.

I actually finished a crochet creature and he actually looks like he's supposed to look.

It was really very easy and extremely rewarding, and much less problematic than trying to learn crochet via Japanese instructions.

That can be my next project.

I still have a tiny scrap of the lovely organic cotton, so I'll have to try and find another tiny project for it.

You can get the pattern

But even better was this on my front doorstep when I got home from work.
I suspected I knew the contents, but I ripped it open anyway and was extremely pleased to find this inside You can get it here, and it is in stores in the UK. There are plans for an Australian release in the near future.

It has no less than 54 projects in it like these
as well as some introductory technique sections and a directory of web resources.

I feel extremely proud to be associated with it.

So that's the good, but I feel bad and stuck in one of those situations I can only describe as ugly.

It's hard to talk about here right now, but it's all about balancing my hard line rational self and doing what I think is 'right' with my desire for harmony and peace by trying to make unhappy people happy.

I can't feel good coming down on either side in this one and being in a leadership position makes me feel incredibly isolated and responsible and torn and tormented. And like everyone, well around 50% of the people involved anyway, hate me.

Let's hope for a better tomorrow.

** Yes - they are my projects in the book! For those who asked about getting yer hands on it - the link in the post above is to Amazon UK, which has stock. This is the link to Amazon in the US, which doesn't yet have stock, but which will. This and this link to Australian sites which will also have stock soon. They are taking back orders in the meantime if you are really keen. Having now had some time to digest it I am even more impressed. The intro gives a nice overview of craft in the context of feminist and art criticism and as a renegade anti consumerist movement. Cool.


Angela Savage said...

Hey Sooz, congratulations on the book. I look forward to flicking through it sometime - and checking out your work in particular.
I hope the 'ugly' thing sorts itself out. I am thinking of and empathising with you as tomorrow I have to contact the unsuccessful candidates we've recently interviewed for a job. It's crap when you have to do something you know will disappoint or upset people. I think you've just got to try not to take it personally - we're all adults after all. I say this as much for my own sake as yours :-)
Good luck, my friend.

Angela Savage said...

PS Hey! Isn't that my loungeroom window in the background of the Steiner dolls photo?!

littlesnoring said...

Boo is so goddam cute + congrats on the book

twobadmice said...

Hey. The book looks great. How can we get it in the USA?

I waaaaaaant it.

ms. pea said...

Ouch, I'm sorry to hear about the leadership difficulties. All I can say is, be fair, do what is right, and you can't make everybody happy. And afterwards, there is red wine and dark chocolate. Congrats on the book!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the book - looks wonderful. Great giraffe - I have that pattern on my wishlist - glad it is easy to do - might have to be my first crochet creature too. Hope the ugly doesn't get uglier.

Angela Savage said...

Your correspondent Ms Pea was right. After losing sleep over the prospect of having to break bad news to people, this morning I thought I'd stop procrastinating, make the calls, and reward myself with a chocolate biscuit afterwards - not to mention a glass of red wine tonight. It worked: suddenly things didn't seem quite so gloomy :-)

Suse said...

They're your dolls in the book? Wow, congratulations!

And well done on the crochet creature - I'm very impressed.

Hope the ugly stuff sorts itself out and people behave themselves.

Janet said...

Boo is most excellent, well done, and looking forward to meeting him in the wool, so to speak.

African Kelli said...

Oh Sooz! I am completely in love with that giraffe! Awesome job.