Thursday, 16 November 2006


Amy sitting on the toilet watching me get dressed. She’s fascinated by my panty liner.
“Is that for when the baby wees? What happens if it wees in the night?”
The following night she wakes crying because she thinks she’s wet her bed (she hasn’t).
Yesterday we had the classic Melbourne experience of wildly changing weather. We’re only two weeks away from summer and in the middle of one of our worst droughts ever, but yesterday the wind and rain lashed the floor to ceiling windows in my 24th floor office. All day I watched as the black clouds rolled in off the bay, engulfing us in hail, rain and freezing winds, and then within 30 minutes or so blowing out to the hills. A distant streak of blue through the dense precipitation and next thing the sky clears to a pleasant blue. 30 minutes later we do it all again. I am grateful to be in a high rise where the view makes the whole experience magical. Last night was as cold as the depths of winter and all the gutters on the house overflowed from the rain and hail and it even snowed on the Alps. We had a fire in the living room and even that wasn’t enough to keep us warm. The day after tomorrow we are going camping and the forecast says it’s going to be fine and by Monday a hot 30oC. It’s tempting to see harbingers of the environmental apocalypse, but Melbourne’s always been like this.
Thumper has turned upside down I think, and now instead of electrifying kicks to my bladder I’m getting them in the ribs and stomach. It makes me feel nauseous and excited and slightly out of control too. It’s not remotely fun when it happens for three straight hours from 3am to 6am.
I had another dream about kinder politics last night, like I didn’t have anything else on my mind. I was deeply frustrated by my inability to be understood and to stop the parent body from making a very unwise financial decision. They all thought I was mean for advising against it and I thought they were really short sighted to not see the risk they were taking. I also dreamed a colleague was on a tabloid TV current affairs show for being a serial cheat on his wife. Next thing he was telling me how lovely and soft my skin was and then the penny dropped. Even in my dreams it rarely occurs to me that someone might actually be interested in sleeping with me.
If you were going to get together for a bunch of really kick arse crafty bloggers you’d never met and you were going to have to make 14 of the same handcrafted item to distribute amongst them all and you were seriously intimidated but also concerned about time and energy, what would you make?
I’ve worn the pearl earrings and necklace together for two days in a row and nothing terrible has happened. Neither have I been inundated with compliments. Gee, I do like my feedback.
There’s only five weeks to go until I finish work. Blink and you miss it.
I haven’t bought or made a single Christmas present, or even thought about what to cook for Christmas dinner, which is at our house this year.
Aside from all the knitwear, which is really stacking up, I haven’t made any baby clothes for Thumper or finished the pond felted play mat. Do you think I am in denial?
Amy’s favourite word at the moment is actually. She can use it half a dozen times in a sentence when she’s really trying, or at least once in every sentence in a monologue when she’s not. It’s rather a lot actually.
I am soooo in love with being in love with a book again. Audrey Niffenegger – aside from having the wildest name, you have written he coolest book that’s passed through my hands in years (The time traveler’s wife for anyone who missed the pic in my last post). I’m loving every page, wanting to mow the story down in a single sitting, but already sad knowing that eventually it will end and I’ll be lost without it. Please all you readerly types out there recommend me some more gems and keep the love alive.


Solorn said...

14 handcrafted goodies sounds like a fantastic idea until you realise the deadline for send out is only 4 days away. You sound like your a member of Craftster and are in the Stocking Stuffer Swop...good luck with it:)

Oh, and Christmas decorations are quick, easy and fun to make.

nichola said...

Sorry, can't help you with any ideas, i've yet to think of my own! ;-)
I'm looking forward to meeting you though, very excited!

Babz said...

Personalized Ornaments? I found some really easy felt ornament patterns that Im sure you could use fabric for also that "could" be super cute with your creativity. You could add your own unique touch to each one with names, buttons, stitches, etc.

I love your Amy with her funny "what happens if it wees" LOL and the baby in the belly named Thumper. That is to cute!

larissa said...

Pincushions. Definitely.

(Or meathead hats. Only kind of kidding; I've done 6 in a day in my time)

And I really liked that book too!

Alison said...

Oh I cried bucket loads (an a plane as well) at the end of the book. You know it will end, but damn it's sad anyway. Best book for a long, long time for me.

And you try explaining lochia to a 3 year old. That one's interesting - but Max's version of it is even better ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved that book, too :)
I think you will also like "The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss.

Suse said...

Am stressing in a major way over the 14 things. And we can't even do Christmas ornaments!

You will be BEREFT when Time Traveller's Wife ends and you will sob bucketloads.

So, I recommend you have close to hand another mesmerising book to leap straight into, such as:

Posession, by A.S. Byatt, or
Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks.

If I think of more, I'll come back.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I'd go with pincushions, myself. Good luck with getting all of that together, whatever it turns out to be!

And your weather sounds like the weather in Houston, TX!

nicole said...

Sooooz STOP IT! We're all in the same boat, no need to be intimidated :)

Fark knows what I am going to make....I was thinking of buying something LOL (joke, peeps, joke). How's THAT for craft blogger etiquette :P

BabelBabe said...

Broken for You - Stephanie Kallos
Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
Outlander - Diana Gabaldon (time travel but not nearly so sad...)

and what Suse said!

Oh, Water for Elephants was good too, in a comforting sort of way...

shael said...

Loved that book too! You might like the Birth House by Ami McKay.
Thank-you for the amazing writing over on the washing line... sometimes it's just nice to have a voice to what I have been feeling and going through. As a mother myself, I often feel very isolated and struggle with the sleep deprivation and constant reminder of my mortality since the birth of my daughter, Ophelia. Thanks again :0)

Anonymous said...

First time I read your blog and I really like your writing!

I loved your description of the weather, it sounds like where I live - here in Norway ;)

Lazy cow said...

I agree with Babelbabe: The Thirteenth Tale and Water for Elephants. Never let me go is pretty good too, as is Girl with a pearl earring.
My 4 yo son is doing the 'actually' thing too. Hmmm, we must say it an awful lot ourselves for them to pick up on it!