Thursday, 23 November 2006

did I tell you about my weekend?

The weather was supposed to be perfect for a tumble in the waves without freezing your tits off so we packed up and set off hereAnd although a breeze blew in and the temperature dropped we still set offfor some sandcastle funand a spot of yoga (who would have thought a 4 year old would love yoga so much?)

We were having a lovely, if colder than anticipated time. But on Sunday night in the middle of a very relaxed barbeque meal my heart started to behave all weird, leaping out of my chest with an erratic beat that had me feeling like I couldn't breath and was going to pass out. Some hurried arrangements and just as we were about to set off to drive to the nearest hospital (30 minutes away), the whole episode was over.

After some consultations and tests the doctors are guessing that combined deficiencies in iron, B12 and magnesium are to blame. After a bit of research it seems like magnesium deficiencies are quite common and contribute to a whole constellation of conditions, many of which I have expereinced at various times. Interestingly it isn't part of routine obstetric testing, though it is most likely the pregnancy is what has pushed the situation into producing such striking symptoms.

Anyway, the end result is that I am confined to quarters for the week, sleeping lots and wishing I either hadn't already finished that fabulous book, or already picked up some of the new books recommended in the comments section of the last post (thanks and keep em coming!). I'm kind of resentful I can't do anything interesting with the times - hey it's taken me till today to even post on the blog! But I get that the whole point is to lie about like a lazy cow, so I'm doing that. The ever thoughtful D took me to the video store where we stocked up on crappy films for me to watch to try and keep me anchored to the couch.

So there's not much going on around here this week.

But we are keeping up watering because we get this as a reward. Aren't they perfect? Amy is thrilled.


Michal said...

hope you feel better soon! it's amazing what tricks our bodies sometimes pull off, in their sneaky little ways. glad it's esily treatable. feel better soon!
as for books - you may have read them or were recommended them, but both of Jeffrey Eugenides' novels (especially Middlesex) are incredible. Middlesex might just be the best novel i've read in years. oh, and every Moomin book you can find is sure to bring some cheer too.
and if all else fails - watchinng The Big Lebowsky or The Princess Bride always makes for an instant good mood. for me, at lease.
take care!

nichola said...

And you've been emailing me lots of wonderful gardening info! You should be resting instead. I'm extremely grateful.
How funny you should post about your mushrooms, i've been thinking of getting a kit all week, where did you get yours?
If you haven't already read it i'd reccomend The Cider House Rules, it's my favourite book.

leslie said...

hey sooz!

1) those mushrooms look FANTASTIC! i've always wanted one of those kits, might have to get myself one should we ever find a house.

2) i've been taking a magnesium, zinc and b6 vitamin for almost a year and it has made such a crazy difference to my skin and general well-being. good old magnesium.

3) reading-wise: any interest in margaret atwood? she's pretty much my all-time favourite writer and canadian to boot.

hang in there and try to enjoy the sedentary life!