Saturday, 14 October 2006

what might have been

Yesterday might have been the day I gave birth if things had worked out differently. Instead I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I spent some time thinking about it yesterday, but I can't say I feel struck down by the grief any more. How could I? With a constant thumping in my belly I can't go more than five minutes without thinking about the new baby. So much to do, so much to dream about. There are many things to be sad for but much to celebrate as well.

One of those things is NOT these booties. I am disappointed by them. Despite the fabulous bitty booties pattern, and all the wonderful examples other people have made, these just don't do it for me. Time to retreat and regroup. Perhaps I'll try another version, or perhaps I won't.

And I'm thinking of kntting this cardi from Rowan Junior next. The fringing is increadibly frustrating to do (based on my itty bitty sample sqaure), but you know I am a glutton for punishment. But here's my dilemma. The pattern calls for 5x50gm balls of Rowan wool cotton. What I have is 4x50gm balls of Angora mohair 8ply (83 m/91 yards per ball). It's a lovely mix of 50% wool, 25% angora and 25% mohair - soft, fluffy without being hairy and a great shade of red. Of course the yarn is no longer available and I can't find anything with the same mix of fibres. Do I go ahead and hope to god I have enough yarn (based on previous experience I always have left overs), buy another differnt yarn and somehow work in a stripe - perhaps for the fringing? Do I just waste the lovely yarn I have and go out and buy 5 balls of something completely else? Does anyone know the yardage for the Rowan wool cotton? Has anyone knitted this?

And while I was looking for patterns I saw this in the Rowan Babies book. Looks familiar, I thought to myself. Sure enough the fabric on the model's dress is the same fabric I used to make myself a dress a few years ago. Isn't the global market amazing? Truth be told it never really suited me so now I'm planning to cut it up and make something for Amy.


sue said...

I have that book, and I love those two patterns. If you look towards the end of the book, does it have the different yarn types and yards of yarn listed on it. I know that Rowan do that in some of their other books. You could always make the first cardigan, and get another color to do the edging. Dont know what color though. Good luck and I cant wait to see what you decide on.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, now I understand the skirt fabric (ignore my flickr comment).
The booties are cute, I think. Anyway, the new baby will need something to run around in, in the garden. If you don't like them, the little feet will be warm, whilst the booties get trashed!

sooz said...

Thanks Sue I checked the yardage and it's 120 or so metres to the ball, so I think we can forget crossing fingers. I think I'll need at least one more ball and maybe 2. The bands are really small, so I think if I was going to do the multiple yarns I'd need to do the whole of the fringing.

And Eleen- the booties are really tiny, for use long before you can expect any independent exploring. I think I'll make the larger size next time!

Ash said...

I am doing the thing with the different colours on the banding and cuffs/collar on a coat I'm knitting for Joe. It works well and I think the fringing would look good in a different colour too. That wool is gorgeous :)

justinamaria said...

hi soozs, i read your blog often, i think this is the first time i have commented!
i have this book and although i have knitted many of the garments (had to, considering the price!) i haven't done this one. BUT...... i alway seem to use significantly less than the pattern calls for. me? i'd go for it and lament later if i ended up running out, but then, i unpick soooo much of my knitting! all the best.

kt said...

I'm with Justinamaria--you can always frog! Or find a similar yarn and put in some stripes of contrasting color bands and collar.

The skirt is amazing--what's the chance of finding the same fabrics like that? Wow!

How's the job going? Hope you are feeling well and that the new person you're knitting inside is keeping your spirits up.