Tuesday, 17 October 2006


After working out that the yardage of my 4 balls of red yarn was around 320 and the yardage of the 5 balls of Rowan wool cotton called for in the Relish pattern was around 600 I decided it was time to go shopping. So yesterday Amy and I took 2 trams to make it down to Albert Park to visit Wool Baa. I know I'm the last person to make it onto this bandwagon, but I am really in love with this store.


Well for a start they have a big box of toys and sunny little landing at the back of the store where Amy was invited to come and play. It is so smart for stores to do this I am astonished more don't, but they don't. So I was free to browse the shelves for as long as I wanted.

The stock is really amazing. They have all the yarns I read about in patterns and a fantastic array of colours, fibres and yarn weights. The shelving is organised by yarn size and fibre, so it's easy to compare your options when you have something specific in mind, and their prices seem to be lower than the ones I could locate on the internet for specific yarns.

They do mail order and have a loyalty program - though if I spend $500 on yarn in the next year I will be concerned!

The staff member who was there yesterday - not the owner - was increadibly nice and helpful. Not in a pushy sales way, but in an honest and informative way. She was prepared to tell me which yarns pill, which yarns she had lots of feedback about from customers, yarns with particularly good yardage, yarns that were pricey. She encouraged me to think about garment design and helped me negotiate yarn choices with Amy. And as we left she pointed me in the direction of a great nearby park, without alerting Amy to ensure she didn't trap me. What a winner!
Amy was instantly and unwaveringly drawn to this extremely hot pink Jo Sharp yarn - so much so that she couldn't even come up with a second choice. Despite my personal opinion (ew yuk) I figure if she loves it this much at least it should get good wear so last night I started on the Rowan Relish cardi. I'm a bit slow and it wasn't until after I started that I realised the yarn is in fact the same fibres as the red I had sought to match!

As soon as I finish Relish I'll be having a go at the Yoda after I fell in love with Nicole's version here. Lucky Pia!! I'm even thinking about having a go at making a larger version since it seems like a pretty simple pattern.

This morning as we were all getting ready to start the day a stunning little bird flew onto our deck and started twittering away in the grape vine. I've never seen anything like this one in our backyard and I was just wondering if it was actually an escaped pet when it decided it would rather be inside than out.
So it sat up on the top shelf in the kitchen and refused to move. We opened the doors and made the outside as accessible as possible, but to no avail. It took quite a while before it moved and came over to the top of the ceiling fan, where it seemed to be right at home. I confess to turning the thing on to try and encourage it out, but still it refused to go outside. By this stage D and Amy had left and it was holding me up (I had to cover the laptop on the kitchen table for fear of droppings so I couldn't get anything done). It took close to 30 minutes before I got it out and even now it's sitting on the vines just outside the door. So despite the lovely weather I'm sitting inside with all the doors closed!


telfair said...

Oh my gosh, you know how to make me instantly and irrevocably homesick for Melbourne -- Wool Baa (I used to walk there from our townhouse almost every Friday), parks, and lovely Melbourne spring weather.

Enjoy, and I'm so happy to hear about my all-time favorite yarn shop. I still haven't found any kind of replacement for it Stateside.

Leah said...

That's a cockatiel - my sister in law has one. Nice birds. I LOVE the idea of a wool shop with toys - such a simple way to get parents to spend money, and feel grateful to be doing so.

aussieellen said...

Yep... You are the last to get on the band wagon. I LOVE Wool Baa!!!!! I haven't been in there since I got back - something to do with not having my very own place to stay and unpack. You just reminded me though so I will put it on my list. Can I just say again... I LOVE WOOL BAA!