Wednesday, 4 October 2006

sign, sealed, committed

It's official so I'll tell you all about it. Despite being 21 weeks pregnant my long search for meaningful part time employment appears to have paid off and tomorrow I start a new job. It's only temporary - for obvious reasons - but I don't care. Simply getting on the tram first thing in the morning with all the other depressed city workers sends chills of excitement down my spine.

I know, it's a sickness.

The thing is, and I might write a bit more about this over at the washing line, I love working. I know it's work and I know it can be frustrating and boring and at times downright despair producing, but I really feel to my core that paid work is a central and important part of who I am. Being out of the mainstream of it for a few years has been a daily sadness.

So as of tomorrow (yep we move fast around here) I'll be in the CBD for three days a week, working for my government to make my world a better place. Or at least trying hard to stop the forces of chaos from ripping the place apart. I'll sit at a desk, probably in my very own veal fattening pen, surrounded by people in suits and nice clothes and I'll step out for lunch in one of many fine establishments aimed just at people like me. Hear that - I won't be scratching at the bottom of the fridge looking for something to eat every day. And there will be conversation over those sandwiches and boxes of sushi, chances to catch up with other CBD bound ex-colleagues, and once a fortnight I'll even get a pay check.


In addition to my other work from home a day a week job and tending my shop I am going to be very very busy. I suspect the blogging world may slip a little and I'll be sorry about that. But it is a time limited craziness so I refuse to get all anxious about what I'll be missing. Life's all about swings and round abouts and I know that int he blink of an eye it will be Christmas and the whole adventure will be over.

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck or congratulated me when I first mentioned this might be happening. Clearly your good vibes paid off. Right now I'm off to clear the decks in preparation and enjoy my last day for a while lying in the sun.


kt said...

Yay for you! It's always the right thing to do to follow your instincts, and if getting out in the hustle-bustle is what you need, go forth!

We'll keep peeking in at the blog, just toss us a crumb now and again!

jessica said...

good luck.

suzy said...

Congratulations! That is such great news, it sounds perfect.

rebecca said...

Good luck in your new job! I am also just getting used to being back into the work environment after a years maternity leave - I didnt realise how much I had missed the sandwiches and sushi, not to mention the conversation!

craftydabbler said...

Best wishes on your new job. I, too, enjoy the lunches and getting to go yarn shopping solo (if I can squeeze it into my lunch hour). I will miss you.

Linda said...

wishing you the best of luck for your new job :-) hope you still get to post now and then!!!!

Suse said...

Oh congratulations! I too started work again this week, but four days a week which feels like just.too.much.

But oh the stimulation, oh the lunch hour, oh the paycheck!

The Shopping Sherpa said...


And you'll definately be needing that paycheck to pay for the expensive CBD sandwiches and sushi ;-)