Tuesday, 26 September 2006

yesterday's heros

Why do I feel the need to use song titles to head posts? I don't understand it, but it is a compulsion none the less.

I remain, for now, mozz free. Today is a sewing free day since I'm at work (just a quick post I promise!) but here's a glimpse of what kept the mozz at bay yesterday.A new summery top. Not my usual style or colours, but I like it. I used a non-maternity pattern and cut it big, but I suspect I will outgrow it before too long. Then I can put it away and wear it after the baby. I might make another even larger version for heading down to the pool on hot days. Perhaps I'll just use a tent.

I've settled on a set of colours - don't balk, I think they go OK together - a compromise between my favourites and maximum utility. There's deep plum/purple, duck egg blue, grey, and red. I might throw a few neutrals in too, we'll see.

And a tunic modelled on something I had last time around. This time it's a very lightweight wool/cotton/viscose knit and should cover a multitude of sins on the fronts of T-shirts and tops. My previous version, a very heavy black jersey, was worn to work almost every day. I loved it and the way it dressed up the plainest most casual long sleeved top. It said pregnancy very clearly without saying daggy old cow in ruffles and bows, silly woman trying to look like she's not pregnant or oh my lord could you put that thing away. What my mum would call smart as paint.

There's still plenty on the list for the next few days - a skirt or two, perhaps another pair of pants, another top, a T-shirt and a dress... and just when I'll look like falling in a heap it will be time to start on Amy's wardrobe since she has the same outlandish growth problem as me (although lucky for her she'd headed up not out).

Perhaps (like I could possibly find the time) I might make a matching bag? Wouldn't that be great? Aren't I kidding myself?!

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leslie said...

fun! i LOVE the polka dot fabric