Monday, 25 September 2006

up to my neck

It's all happening over here. We've had tonsillitis, gastro, temporary vision problems, cancelled holidays, job possibilities and a growth spurt requiring instant maternity wardrobe. And a hell of a lot of kicking from the inside.

For fear of the dreaded jinx I won't talk about the job thing until it's totally confirmed, but suffice to say in the next week our lives could be changing dramatically and I could be requiring a corporate maternity wardrobe rather than a slob around at home one.
So I've been closely inspecting the stash for destashing opportunities but really the whole thing has kind of freaked me out. For a start the things I have left over from the last time reflect my very different colour preferences and it's hard to work out how to build on it without making a stack of clothes I don't really love and which require extensive fabric purchases. And by the time I'd gotten myself thoroughly confused about all this I started down that black tunnel of indecision about what styles and garments I wanted, whether they would turn out like I wanted and before I knew it the sewing mozz was on my shoulder.

Now I don't know if you've met the mozz. Sadly he and I are all too familiar acquaintances. He usually comes around at just the time I am most in need of reliable sewing skills, when I'm under pressure, when I have a deadline, when I am making something I really care about or when I have just cut into a piece of fabric I truly cherish. He drapes me with indecision and bad luck, in poor judgement and mishap. He leaves me depressed and unable to touch the sewing machine for days, weeks, sometimes even months.

So here I am with a pressing need to pump out a multitude of serviceable, good looking and tricky garments and I can smell his breath on the back of my neck. So when Amy came down with yet another stuck at home for days on end illness I was deeply concerned about my impending deadlines, but also kind of relieved that I wouldn't have to do battle with the beast. I had a temporary stay in which to figure out how I might bypass the confrontation.

And wouldn't you know it? An angel came to my rescue! Now this never happens to me. I have almost no friends who sew, and none with an appreciation of trying to make big girl clothes, let alone big girl maternity clothes. I have kind and generous friends who offer to lend me clothes that will never fit or who recommend styles I could never wear, so on the wardrobe front I have learned over the years to nod and say thanks and go away by myself to try and work out what to do.

But then along came Janet. A well dressed big girl who lives just around the corner - literally - who sews and works and has recently been through maternity clothing hell too. So I went over and lent patterns and tried on garments and got inspired. What a difference a friend makes! A generous, well skilled and relaxed friend who was happy to let an almost stranger walk out the door with an armload of things and ideas and nothing but promises in return. Thanks Janet, you've made the world of difference to the coming week for me.

So I've started the list and the planning and have a very full schedule over the next week. I started with this
not because bathers are my most pressing need, but because I felt pretty confident I knew what I was doing and there is nothing better for repelling the mozz than a successful endeavor. I think these kinds of bathers are called tankinis - a pair of boy leg pants with a tank top. I have a pair for regular wear so I made a pattern from them, made a humpty dumpty tummy on the pants and put a pleat in the front of the tank top to accommodate baby. I am very pleased with how they have turned out and I absolutely love the lycra fabrics they are made from - it's good and thick and not at all shiny. I think I might be sad when I can't wear them again next year! Total cost? $7.

And just in case you thought the knitting obsession had quietened down I am absolutely loving knitting this.
The colours are so lovely and the variation is so tight, you don't get the banding I have with other variegated yarns. And the texture is lovely to knit, it never splits or catches. And I chose a Zara grey to do the bands and sleeves and it is really lovely to knit as well. I suspect it may be a piller from the sample square they had in the shop, but it was so nice to touch I decided to take a chance.

And the other thing I wanted to mention is how incredibly pleased I am about my new blog adventure the washing line. I am really enjoying the chance to cover some stuff in depth and have been really bowled over by the comments we've had so far. It's hard not to let it take over this blog - not in terms of content but in the time it takes to write. Blogging is a constant challenge for balance, time on and off the computer, writing about the stuff I do and the stuff I think, about the craft and the domestic and the pregnancy. Some days I lie in bed and can't sleep for all the things I want to write, other days I seem to just publish lists of things I have or haven't done in a hollow and meaningless way. I worry about neglect and it's evil twin over involvement, as I guess a lot of bloggers do.

But right now the sewing calls.


littlesnoring said...

Good luck with all your projects. I am sure the dreaded mozz will leave you now and never come back! I love the bathers!

kt said...


The knitting is just TOO lovely!
And the bathing suit looks way cool.

Well done you.