Wednesday, 27 September 2006

rolling rolling rolling

I want to make one of these skirts in every colour - it is just perfect! The photo isn't quite the ideal I'd hoped for (that bevilled edge on the mirror plays tricks) but I'm still running hard to keep a good distance between me and the mozz so forgive me if I don't stop to fiddle.

This vest, another cover for old stained T shirts and tops, is made from a lovely piece of Thai cotton I bought in a market in Mae Hong Song. Ah the memories :-) It's cut on the cross, which is lucky or there wouldn't have been enough fabric. I wore both these out to lunch today (I was still sewing two minutes before I rushed out the door) but I got compliments which is rather nice and makes me think I might be on the right track.


craftydabbler said...

The stitching on the skirt is so fun! How did you do the stitching? I love that plummy color, too. I am amazed at how fast you are knocking these clothes out.

June said...

Wow--what a great outfit!