Wednesday, 20 September 2006

quick knit

How sweet is this? I'm exceptionally pleased that for all my pattern blasphemy there doesn't appear to be a single problem with it! And as I suspected the cotton knits so nicely, such smooth even stitiches. I think there will get a fair bit of use, and there's enough to knit a matching hat and perhaps even an itty bitty amigurumi toy - wouldn't that be a set to make you think of cute Japanese kids?

But check this out - the cotton cardi is size 0-6 months, the wool wrap is size 6-12 months, and the latter is actually smaller! Just to prove that it helps to be relaxed about outcomes, and knit early in the peace to ensure that any size gets a look in for wear.

So I figured I should head off any potential sibling rivalry by offering Amy the next pick for the knitting needles - how about a nice summer vest I asked her. No thanks she said, but you could buy me a plastic unicorn instead. Right. So it looks like it's on to the next baby knit and a bit of felt sewing to make another unicorn, just to keep this one company.


leslie said...

beautiful, beautiful work! and the wee blanket stitch on the felt animals is just perfect - so cute.

Soo said...

The little cardigans are so cute! I can't knit but these are making me think about giving it a go!

Suse said...

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Eva said...

The sweaters are so sweet! It is always a treat to see what you are working on.