Thursday, 7 September 2006

projects begin and end

It was fathers day here on the weekend - was it over your way too? I like to buy presents for D, to celebrate his wonderful life as a father, the fabulous contribution he makes to Amy. But he's just not into stuff. He doesn't collect, he doesn't wear jewellery or use special pens or electronic gadgets. It's really hard to find something he wants.

Last christmas I embroidered a plain white T-shirt with one of Amy's drawings. I was very pleased with it and so was D - practical, useful, unique, beautiful, sentimental. So I thought why make 1 when you can make 2?
Here's a girl and her rocket ship staying close to his heart.

And I finished off this little family who are heading off real soon.
And with our taste of spring weather last week I'm thinking it's time for some major sewing. There's some maternity clothes for me on the list, including maternity bathers because I think there's going tp be a lot of water time for this beached whale, some summer dresses, pants and T-shirts for Amy and a few little summer snuggly suits for the baby. Aside from the lovely Japanese collection, I'm looking at these and feeling very inspired. How cute are those apples?!
But I'm more immediately obsessed with this project

from this book.

Ever since my fabulous felting crafting sister out law gave me this book for my birthday back in June I've lusted over this little baby blanket. And then when I went to visit the dealer I saw she's started stocking wool batts. So after tossing and turning and lusting and dreaming I ordered these
ready for a felting extravaganza on Sunday. I am so exceptionally pathetically excited it's scary. This will be my first flat wet felted project so I have my fingers crossed that I won't be going messin' it up. Can't wait!!


Ali said...

Your t-shirt is lovely - great idea. I'm always trying to think of ways to use and capture those precious drawings.

Alison said...

You wouldn't be slightly 'obsessed' now about the felting would you???

sooz said...

Obsessed is, well, an understatement. I am in love with the idea of this project in a way I am sure the reality can't possibly meet. Still, with such gorgeous wool in such rich colours, how can I go wrong?

And thanks Ali, the T-shirt may become a habit for me!

kt said...

I've been pondering on immortalizing some of my girlie's drawings in much the same way as your fab t-shirt--you're inspiring me to put needle to cloth and go fot it!

The dollies are so sweet.

And I can't WAIT to see how the blanket turns out! Felting is such fun--I may have to find that book!

(Just so you know, my verification "word" was gozzuqsh. Love it.)

Turning Japanese said...

I am looking forward to the Japanese inventions...

Di said...

Ooh- have fun felting. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!