Friday, 1 September 2006

hard at work

Because every long tall bunny needs an obi to keep their tummy warm. And because I love this wool so much that I had to find a way to use even the teeniest left over scrap.

And overdue orders which have been pushed aside by life's little chaotic moments. I want to get the decks cleared in preparation for Morphe II and because there's some birthdays and birth days fast approaching.

Oh and thanks for all the well wishes for Amy. She's a million miles better and we're hoping all will remain well. We'll be checking in with the audiologist in two weeks time and we're hoping this is just a winter blip and her hearing will return to normal soon. Cross your fingers!

We've had some lovely weather to celebrate the beginning of spring, but the wind has just come up and the clouds are rolling in and right on cue we're having a winter backlash. I think planting the new strawberry patch might have to wait till next weekend. Have yourselves a good one.


June said...

The bunny's little obi is adorable. What a clever idea!

Violet & Rose said...

Just when you think it's safe to put the rain coats away, hey? I know we need rain, but I want to do our strawberries too!!