Monday, 18 September 2006

do blondes have more fun?

Thanks so much for all the congratulations :-)

I am highly amused to find out more than one fellow blogger thinks I'm blonde. I didn't realise I appeared to be having so much fun :-) And I know there aren't many photos of me turning up on this site - D doesn't have a digital camera and rarely uses mine - but if you go here you'll see I haven't exactly been hiding. If I had a scanner I could show you I used to be blonde - some 35 plus years ago - but like a lot of other things, I grew out of it.

And here's evidence that I really have been having fun.

This project is a mixed outcome for me. I love the colours - so vibrant and rich - and I think the pond and lily pad motif works nicely. And of course I just love its feltness, all fuzzy and cuddly and wonderfully handmade.

I've learned that felting something very large is a logistical nightmare, and I understand why people join segments after felting. The join between the purple and the orange hasn't felted properly, so I'm going to have to fix them together somehow. I had entertained the idea of backing the blanket, so I now I think I am committed to a spot of quilting to keep it all together.

I am also a bit disappointed by the uneven shape, the way the red seems to have shrunk so much less than the purple and orange, so now I have to decide how to compromise between a nice regular symmetrical quilt finish and retaining the organic outline of the shape as it is. I could essentially make the backing and simply sew this shape on the top, or I could trim this down and fit it inside a border. Decisions decisions. But I'm keen to get back on the horse, to try a few more felt projects and see what I can do. Right now though the new projects have to be put to one side while I take care of some more pressing matters.

I have just reached that stage where my regular clothes are a bit too much of a squeeze, but I'm not quite right in maternity clothes either. Hello trackie daks! Which is fine so long as I don't leave the house.... Anyway I'm now on notice that the days are counting down till I'm going to be needing my new wardrobe, you know that one I haven't made yet. So I'm allowed nothing more than lusting over craft books till the jobs are done. Perhaps all the blondes are having more fun?


kt said...

Oooh, I like the blankie! I recall warnings about things not felting at the same rate, but I've only done small whatzits, and so have not yet hit that wall.

Whatever you decide to do with it, it'll be sweet.

And as a life-long brunette, I'd say "Naah, blondes can have as much fun as we do, but not more!"

rebecca said...

Hi, new here, but just had to comment on the felted blanket. Love it and the colours and all the work that went into it. Mishapen or not it has character.

Oh, and congrats on graduating!