Friday, 8 September 2006

check it out.

It is a sad indictment of my lack of physical prowess and general sophistication that I find this so funny and ingenious. Really sad, but isn't it really cool? Or am I a terminal dag? Thanks KT for the comment that led me to your blog that led me to this. Best laugh I had all day.

Oh and just to keep a check in - I'm now 17 weeks pregnant and apparently green papaya (or any papaya for that matter) doesn't bring on labour in 'culinary quantities'. So I've had a couple of bowls of som tam and though the aussie version isn't quite the same when you are sitting in freezing Melbourne, it's a damn sight better than anything else I've eaten lately.


Turning Japanese said...

I saw that too. Isn't it cool/amazing. I really love youtube

kt said...

You are entirely welcome!

Glad you are able to feast on your longed-for papaya.

Have a great weekend.