Friday, 25 August 2006

we love it, we love it, we really really do*

Despite the gross out ear, Amy was up for a fashion shoot. See how nice that neck looks? Or is it just me? I can't imagine I would have liked it one bit more if the hood was on AND I'd still be knitting. It's such a nice weight and roomy enough that I'm pretty sure Amy will still be wearing it next winter. I'm definitely knitting it again.

So all over again I'd like to say thanks to Larissa, who sent me the pattern as a gift and really got me on this knitting roll. And Larissa - the soap is still going and gives me a little perfume boost every morning.

(*Apologies to Justine, that song features way too heavily in our life)


nichola said...

i like to sing la la la la la!
I just bought that album last week, i think i probably bought it more for me than for the girls.
It looks great!

sooz said...

Isn't it just the most addictive song? And we add words all the time - I like to eat/shop/catch the tram/go to school/pick my nose doo doo do do... while I am as guilty as anyone for perpetuating its overuse, Amy actually sang little snipets of the song for ages before I had heard it. One day D called out from the living room "It's the song! The song!!" And I raced in and at last we knew what she'd been singing all that time.

suzy said...

It's gorgeous! I love the colours and the neck is perfect. I hope Amy's ear is better soon.

Sarah said...

Lovely sweater on an even lovelier child. The hoodie is perfect without the hood. Well done.

samantha said...

it looks fantastic sooz - and I really really like it too (and the song) we love all the songs on the cd just a great bopping time

Linda said...

your knitting looks wonderful, I can't wait until I am brave enough to try something other than scarves!!!!

Janet said...

The jumper (and neckline) look lovely, and so well modelled! Hope Amy's ear clears up soon.

bugheart said...

that turned
out so cute!
i love
the photo

Amy said...

I don't knit so I'm no expert - but it sure looks lovely and cozy from here! Hope the ear mends super fast - scary!