Sunday, 20 August 2006

thinking ahead

On our last few trips to the supermarket Amy has tuned into the baby products. I made a deliberate decision to go down the baby aisle today.

Look Amy, here's some baby food that the baby can eat when it's a bit bigger and has more than just milk. I said. We'll need to buy some of that later when the baby comes.

Yeah, she said, and bibs. We'll need bibs.

And nappies. I said.

Yeah, nappies, she said.

When we got home I held up the tiny singlet suit I bought for the baby and said who do you think this is for.

She looked and thought for a while. Clearly calculating the possibility it might fit her.

It's for the baby! She said.

At nap time she wants to read Mummy's got a house in her tummy which, along with I'm a big sister, is currently in heavy rotation. When we finish she wants to inspect me all over to see if she can find windows to see inside.

Wouldn't that be great? Weird, but great.


Linda said...

what a gorgeous story, I love the idea of the windows!

Alison said...

We love the house book too. Max really identified with it. There is now a garage on my left side, a kitchen and a bahroom in there, and the other day he wanted to put some toys in there (you'd laugh if you knew what he intended sticking up in there) for the baby to play with. And he likes to know if there is a light on or not for baby to see.....

Amazing what they identify with, and grasp hold of :)

Suse said...

When I was pregnant with Son #3 we found a delightful book called 'Hello Baby', written by Jenni Overend with illustrations by Julie Vivas (who illustrates many of Mem Fox's books). It's all about a family with three kids preparing for the homebirth of the fourth baby. Absolutely beautiful.

I seem to remember SouleMama mentioning it too when she was due with Adelaide, but in the USA it was released under another name.

acoustitch said...

Hi - I thought I'd visit as I haven't for some time and just discovered your news! Congrats! I am due THIS Friday! See you on the other side....

bugheart said...

just thinking
of you...
hope you are
doing well...
i need to read
this story!

Turning Japanese said...

Here is a new book for you, "Daddy's having a horse". The kids love it and it was short listed for book of the year.

Oh, and I love "Hello baby" too.