Monday, 28 August 2006

sunny monday

The sun is shining today, which is lucky because I've been working the washer overtime resurrecting my 4 year old maternity clothes that have been moulding away in storage since Amy was born. Although the seasons are opposite I'm hoping I can use at least a few of them again. The rest will be off to the op shop (that's thrift store to my overseas readers). After that I'll start planning some maternity sewing to get me through the hot months.

The sun has also made the garden an appealling place to be. This is the first year I've had enough of these to actually pick and bring inside. Alongside Daphne and Boronia, these guys carry the most heavenly of garden scents. Even with my totally stuffy nose I can smell them throughout the house. Like home grown fruits and vegetables, picking your own scented flowers makes you realise that commercially grown flowers just don't measure up.

And if I thought knitting was addictive, then knitting for babies is even more so. This little wrap is coming along so fast I'm amazed! It feels wonderfully soft and light - payback for the at times challenging process of knitting two strands of whisper weight 2 ply together.

It's my variation on this delight by the inspirational Alison, though I'm guessing that in this variegated yarn it is going to look very different. I'm also debating about whether or not I'll do the binding, which looks so lovely on Alison's one but seems like it might be a bit busy on mine. I'll have to wait and see.

Now I'm off to make some hay.


Alison said...

The great things about these patterns is - each wool choice gives it a new look. So you could make 10 in different wools and they'd all look different. For a variegated, I'd probably hold off on the bias binding, and just use a nice coordinating ribbon to tie. And for maternity - Witchery - long and stretchy tops. If they can cover my bump, they'll cover anyones!

melissa said...

beautiful knitting! And flowers... I agree, there's nothing better than fresh flowers from your own garden.