Tuesday, 1 August 2006

spam and swaps and moving on

Those spam comments in my comments field really shit me and I can't work out how to delete them without using the whole comment modification thing which seems way too overbearing. Is it just me? Is there a magic answer?

The lovely Maggie sent Amy and I this pack on Monday as part of the cooking with kids swap. Amy already loves the cups with matching straws (matching straws!) and I can't wait to have a chance to road test the cookbook. I know lots of other people have given it rave reviews so I'm very excited! Takes me back to my student share house days where the enchanted broccoli forest and moosewood made regular appearances on the menu. Thanks so much Maggie!

And these came back from the binder and it's all official and I graduate in 3 weeks. Jeepers eh?

Progress is slow on all discretionary craft as I beaver away on my wholesale order. Tomorrow will be machine sewing central as I start putting together the Mibalas I cut out earlier in the week during nap times.

I've been working on a new design for this order, something that captures a similar aesthetic to the Steiner dolls I love so much, but which utilises my favourite material, felted knit. Perhaps it's the weather but I just love it's warm cuddliness.

I'm pretty happy with these early models which seem to maintain some individuality despite sharing the same basic pattern. One of the things I love about the felt knit is a certain level of unpredictability, the way each piece has its own level of stretch and give. Anyway once the deal is all done and dusted I'll let you know where you can find these babies.

And now it's time for bed. Hope you're all going well out there.


Amy said...

No advice on the spam issue -- but super duper congratulations on having a bound volume of your work (thesis, right?) Anyway, that is totally intimidating!

Ash said...

I think what you need to do is enable comment verification, where you have to type in that word that appears after you press 'publish my comment'.

Otherwise, you could enable comment moderation which would mean you would have to approve all comments manually before they were posted. This is probably the best way to go.

Unfortunately, if one spammer has found you, others are sure to follow. I get lots and I just delete them.

ljmax said...

When I started using the word verification option for comments, I stopped getting spam altogether (although I didn't get a lot to begin with)...
I have since turned it off because it was kind of a pain and haven't needed it yet but it's worth it if it works...!

Funky Finds said...

Spam sucks! I came back from vacation to find over 100 anonymous b.s. comments. UGH I had to enable word verification. Congrats on the upcoming graduation! How exciting.

bugheart said...

when you log
onto blogger,
your dashboard
and click the
view blog tab
you should see
little trashcans
next to each comment
that will allow you
to delete
individual comments
by clicking
on the trashcan.
i had to turn
word verification on-
you can do that by
clicking on the
settings tab
on your dashboard,
then on comments
scroll down
and check
Show word verification
for comments?

is a pain
but it's the
blogger ropes...
sorry about that.
hope that helps!

bugheart said...

and triple
the upcoming
i know
how tough it is
to get there!
you are
a superstar!

sooz said...

Thanks Gwen - never knew of the view blog trash can thing - how excellent! And yes, I've relented and put word verification back on.

Rachael said...

I saw the "moving on" part of your title in bloglines and freaked, omg, she's not blogging anymore was my first horrific thought ...then of course you meant the thesis!!! phew!!
Spam, telemarketers and touters (that's the right word? the people selling you stuff on the street?) I know they all have a job to do, but really???

sooz said...

Wow, high praise indeed Rachael! No, I'm not going anywhere just now. While it is sometimes hard to find time to blog as often as I'd like, I really LOVE the blog :-)

Bronwen said...

Love the dolls, congratulations on the graduation and don't forget to take time to breathe!
I also thought you were going to leave not good just when I found you.

Suse said...

A bound thesis! Congratulations! (I work in higher education - and study in it too - so I am fully aware of what an enormous effort this is).

Just re-read that and it sounded pompous, like other people DON'T understand what an achievement it is. I'm sure they do. Um, I'll shut up now.

Anyway well done!