Friday, 14 July 2006

WIP it. WIP it good

I expect this WIP to become a completed and worn garment before the weekend is through. There will be some serious passenger time in the car to get me through the last stretch as we head South to visit my brother and his family and then North to Ballarat for no reason other than to experience a place even colder than Melbourne so we might complain a little less when we get home.

I started reading Alison's blog ages ago. One of the first posts I read was this. There was a while where I dreamed about that gorgeous baby quilt and a life infused with Japanese print craft. I like Alison's blog because it's spare and clean and features really gorgeous fabrics and knits and glimpses of life. Oh and this and this and this.

So when it can time to buy the wool for Amy's hoodie I emailed Alison for advice because she has impeccable taste and knows an awful lot more about yarn than me. Like the very generous soul she is, she replied in detail and sent me off to Marta's. so I could buy yarn and work out how to convert the pattern from worsted weight to the more common 8-ply.

So here's my test swatch. Is this not the most gorgeous colour combo? Alison was right that Marta's eye for colour is amazing and if you knew my daughter you would swear this was made with her in mind. It was very hard to choose, for as perfect as this one is, there were a couple of other pretty serious contenders. And it is wonderfully soft and a delight to knit, AND it's a superwash merino. Ah good time ahead.

So I'm knitting a narrower yarn, on smaller needles in a larger size and hoping to god it all works out. Because, you know, I love to make things more complicated than they need to be. I am nervous about running out of wool though - the pattern says 552 yards of worsted weight and I've got about 600 yards (300gms) in 8 ply. But Larissa said she used 560 yards for the smaller size, so you know, I worry. If you think I'm dreaming let me know and I'll ring Marta's and see if I can get a bit more yarn.

Anyway, I'm looking for a bit of moral support from Simmy, who's planning on using the same pattern to start a jumper for her daughter really soon. I'm trying to get the jump on her since I am sure she will knit much faster than me. Fingers crossed!


SadieandLance said...

Isn't Marta wonderful. I am using that same wool for a baby cardy with a different set of colours, pinks, blues and purples that move from light to very deep. Mart and I spent about 20 minutes looking at all the possible different colour combos.

African Kelli said...

Wow! That is beautiful yarn. So pretty. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Alison said...

And now, see, you've got me bitten by the Marta's bug - again - and I had to go through all my boxes and pull out little colour combos and start knitting too.

Your colour is gorgeous :)