Monday, 10 July 2006

the WIP grows!

I am dead keen to get onto Amy's tunic hoodie, but I've decided to finish what I start before I move on. So I'm working hard on this and I'm over the half way mark - yay!
I've always been a bit dismissive of garter stitch, I'm a stocking stitch girl through and through. I love the neat little rows of uniform, even v's and in comparison garter stitch has always seemed a bit loose, a bit easy, a bit wonky, a bit the wrong side. I'm not nearly as uptight as I sound.

But knitting this has given me a new appreciation for the unique qualities of garter and the skill that goes into making it look good. It creates a much springier and stretchier fabric, an altogether different kind of thing to the sturdier stocking. And perfect for this project.

And it has only been through making more mistakes than I have ever made in a knitted garment that I have realised that my brain's default knitting mode is most definitely to alternate plain and purl. I thought just ddoing the one stitch over and over would be a snap, but I was very wrong.

And the colour is really growing on me. At first I was a bit iffy - Amy is such a primary red kind of girl, but I really like this wool (Jet). At 70% wool, 30% alpaca it's soft and warm and doesn't seem to pull threads quite as easily as some yarns. But the colour range is muted and nothing really grabbed me. I was on the verge of skipping the whole thing, but it was discounted by 25% and in the end I just compromised on the colour. Now I love that it looks just like watermelon, that it is soft and warm and strong.


Turning Japanese said...

I love the colour and I love garter stitch but stocking stitch seems to become something so much quicker. Have you ever compared 10 rows of stocking next to 10 rows of garter? I like using both for different things. I feel like garter is warmer and thicker so it should be perfect for Amy's poncho. Keep going and keep your eye on the mail this week... Poss as early as tomorrow or Wed.

Kate said...

I hear you about the garter stitch, but yours looks lovely and nice colour.

pepperfly said...

your garter stitch looks so neat, and a very 'summer' colour! i like the purple shade of jet, but be warned - it pills like crazy. i made my baby some longies with jet that are soooo soft, but fast becoming a big fluff ball!

krista said...

I've just learned to knit last month (man I have a looong way to go, I just read my first pattern and, huh? I need a translator!) and I was only taught the garter stitch and to purl, to start. I don't yet know how to cast off because my teacher flew back to NZ before she got a chance, so I fear I'll just be knitting forever! hehe. Anyway, I am loving watching your process, valuable for a learner like me!

simmyb said...

Hey Sooz, I'm going to knit a hoodie soon as well (I think we've both got the same pattern?!) We should start at the same time for a laugh. I have to dye my wool first though and it hasn't even arrived in the post yet so I'm looking at a couple of weeks. How about you?