Friday, 21 July 2006

radio silence

Sorry about that. A week without posting is a long time for me, but everything seems to be happening at the moment and sadly blogging has slipped down the food chain.

And I want to say that I haven't responded to a single comment and I feel really bad about it. I think I may have to change my approach to comments and repsond to them in the comments field, rather than by tracking each of you down via your blog to send an email or leave a comment on your blog.

I know this is inconvenient to commenters, and I am really sorry about that, but time is just too short! I truly love getting comments, and I hope no one is offended if I don't get back to you personally. If you do really want an email reply please let me know when you leave a comment by adding your email address because, well, Blogger just ain't up to the job.

A few things got finished.

Like Amy's watermelon poncho, which I am so very pleased with. She loves it because it's got a love heart on it (what is it about girls and love hearts?). I love it because it fits well and goes over the top of even her bulkiest winter jumpers and jackets for an extra layer in our current arctic climate. And because the grey goes so nicely in the corner and for the cross stitch up the front seam. I am beginning to think there might be a devoted knitter in me yet.

And yes
Ellen, such layering is most absolutely required right now. You are in for a rude shock when you hit these shores in a few weeks time! I also finished
getting my act and materials together to start my hoodie. I've been too busy to even post about the various bad omens haunting this project, but I am confident I am now ready for knitting success. She said optimistically.

Sorry for the crap photo, but here is the start of something I hope will one day be great. I love the cleverness of knitting a garment in a single piece with no seams. I have yet to tackle any really tricky bits, so I reserve the right to change my mind at a later date and rant about the stupidity of making such a complicated pattern. But for now I'm feeling very excited.

I'm lining up to do a major wholesale order and a few items for a book (a book!!), but I'll tell you more about that some other time. Like when I've actually done the work
and had it accepted and not when it's still some fanciful idea I might be able to realise if I stay up all night sewing for three weeks. Because, you know, I won't be doing that.

And then this.
I spent yesterday printing out the thesis I haven't looked at for 5 months on archival paper to be bound into a book with gold letters on the spine so I can sumbit it to the library. This is the last step before graduation, and only possible now because at last (at last!!) my examiners have submitted reports saying I am a reliable witness on the topic of work and family: gender, risk and wicked policy problems.

In fact the examiners said rather nicer things than that about my knowledge and understanding and original contribution to the field, so I am very pleased. Pleased and relieved that the whole thing is over.

I feel kind of sad though that now that I know rather a lot about something that is rather important, no one would like to give me a job doing something about it. Doesn't that seem like a waste to you?
It certainly does to me, and gives me much pause for thought about what I am going to do now.

One examiner made much of my suitability for PhD candidacy, a prospect I view quite unexcitedly, though if I can't get a job it may be better than unemployment (especially if I get a scholarship). Sometimes it's a positive liability to be so committed to outcomes when if I was happy to sit and contemplate I might have a decent career ahead of me. It all seems too convoluted and so much more bent out of shape than it should be.

And lastly a bit of gratuitous botanica. If I had more time I would write an entire post about Daphne, perhaps my most favourite flower ever. I love its tightly packed little clusters of flowers and because it smells so so very good, because it comes in winter when the garden is barely worth visiting and because it is often just starting to bloom by my birthday. I just wish I could give you all smell-o-vision. Gorgeous.


Fiona said...

Sounds like a very busy week. Congratulations on your thesis, that's such an achievement. Hope you can sit back for a little while and bask in all that great feedback. The poncho is ace, too!

Alison said...

The hoodie will be great and the colours are lovely (how many times can I say that to you...) ad the poncho looks really good - love the little heart!

Kate said...

Congratulations on your thesis. The poncho is great. Just received my felt from Winterwood - it is fabulous, thanks for writing about them.

Rachael said...

Congrats on the thesis!
Now when I moved to Qld, I missed many things about my old home town, now I am so used to being up here that few things make me really long for the old place, except Daphne, god how I miss daphne....the smell the teeny tiny flowers all bunched up. They used to grow outside my bedroom window at my Nanna's house, and she always put a bunch in a little vase in my room when I stayed (but they always went into the lounge overnight....)she also grew freesia's and Boronia, miss them too.

sooz said...

Oh yes, Boronia and Freesias! I must plant another Boronia - I have a lot of trouble keeping them alive, but they are so worth is for the smell. They are a bit of a holy trinity for me in the floral perfume department. But in QLD you would be somewhat better endowed than us Southerners with Frangipani and tuber roses - two other truly divine fragrances...

Lexi & Lolly said...

Just wanted to let you know our cooking with kids swap arrived safely. How chuffed am I - I actually have your blog in my list of favourites and have been reading it for a while. :)

We love absolutely everything - the little smock apron is so sweet and clever and Lolly is going to adore using the flour sifter (I've always loved the look of these) and learning to use her own measuring cups.

And now I have the reciepe for the Walnut Caramel Slice featured a couple of posts back - *gloat*gloat*gloat*.

Thank-you again. What a fantastic suprise. :)

African Kelli said...

Sooz! Wow! Huge congrats on getting your thesis done, printed and accepted. That is wonderful!

Megan said...

Congratulations on the masters!! A long hard slog, and well done for finishing.

Hubby did a Ph.D., and I wouldn't commit to it if I wasn't totally in love with pure research, though, it just takes so very long to get through.

The watermelon poncho is BEAUTIFUL.

moki said...

Ahhh the poncho is fabulous! I am longing for this northern hem. summer to end (yes it just began) :)

bugheart said...

you were
much missed
blogs aren't
so it's good
to choose
to do things
instead of blog.
the watermelon
poncho turned out
so cute!
i might have
to make myself one.
and congrats
i feel your
employment pain.
it's difficult
to get
a job
in bug evolution-
so why am i getting
a phd in it?
my plan #2
is to have
a winery with grub
and i can do
pest control.

Suse said...

Oh my, congratulations on the thesis! What a huge effort.

Anonymous said...

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Janet said...

Congratulations on finishing your thesis! And yes the job issue does seem like a terrible waste, but I don't think knowledge and learning is ever a waste..