Tuesday, 27 June 2006

WIP and eck

It is so freaking cold here that I instantly fell in love with this pattern. It brings together my desire to tackle socks, keep warm and felt. How perfect!

So when I spotted these yarns at the sunday market I was off at the trot. I'm knitting double strand, breaking a number of rules from the pattern, so here's hoping it all works out in the end. I have blind faith that felting makes everything OK.

The pattern says the unfelted sock will be enormous, but check this out to get an idea of just how big these suckers are. My hand and one of my regular socks.

Since I'm only using the pattern loosely I'm estimating on the wool and got all nervous about not having enough , so I made a shorter cuff. Again, felting will be the answer.

Stay tuned for an post felt update to this WIP, and thanks Fiona for the inspiration to post on what's in play.

And now a little rant.

Many times here I have sung the praises of delicious, my most favourite foodie mag. I've gone so far as to say even if you don't live in Oz you should subscribe because it's a really good value source of food inspiration and recipes for everything from last minute pantry meals to dinner parties to cooking with kids.

So I was really horrified when looking through the latest issue to see this advertisment.
(In case you can't read it, it says "Just add milk, mix and bake. Gives you more time for what's really important.")

I'm not sure why but it really made me recoil. Here they are targeting people who have actually already bought a magazine about cooking and telling them that what is important in providing for your kids is making sure you have lots of pre-prepared sugary snacks for them.

Not teaching them about where food comes from, what it looks like when it's still a bunch of unmeasured ingredients on the bench. Not teaching them about the joy of cooking, about the benefits of fresh ingredients, about cookies as part of a balanced diet.

Don't even let them add the milk! Keep their eyes looking the other way while you pull out the packet and magically turn it into something that's bound to get them bouncing off the walls.

And I don't mean to come across as a total food nazi - we eat our fair share of junk and preservative laden packaged foods - but I do not buy a magazine full of recipes to have this crap promoted to me. And as a mother I take very very seriously my job to teach Amy about food, real food. Betty Crocker, if I was ever to become one of your customers, you just lost me.

So I instantly went over and signed up for this
kid's cooking swap. If you've got kids, why don't you too?


Turning Japanese said...

That photo on you flickr page made me cringe too. Also... where is the Dad in the photo? Why isn't he cooking and painting?

Ash said...

The Good Food magazine (british) that I buy here has taken to having those advertorial things and I hate it!

I must admit to having bought Betty Crocker sometimes, but just because sometimes I've been too lazy to make something 'real'.

I think that's a really demeaning ad - it demeans everything women do. So housework isn't 'really important' and feeding one's kids isn't 'really important' either.

We have a hard enough time convincing some people that the work we do in the home is important and then ads like that come along ... I hope you're going to write a letter to delicious!

Jo said...

Right on,
I am so with you on this one Sooz- you took the rant right out of my mouth! I have been cooking every day this school holidays, and it the most grounding thing we do. Not to mention the bowl licking and turn taking with measurements etc.

Ali said...

Good on you Sooz. Ads for ready made, chemical laden crap in food magazines are one of my pet hates.

samantha said...

my little girl loves cooking, and if all she had to do was add milk she would tell me in no uncertain terms that she wanted to cook the 'real' way! If there is no egg cracking it isn't enough for her!!

Can't wait to see that sock too - love the picture with the hand.

Funky Finds said...

I understand your annoyance w/the ad completely. I get aggravated when there's junky stuff advertised in Self magazine, too.

African Kelli said...

Again, BRAVO! I so, so agree with you. Living in the US, being American, traveling internationally, and working in public health, I am constantly on my soap box about how we are seriously killingourselves with food in this country and exporting our crappy attitudes to other countries. It makes me cringe.
While I use those easy-to-bake products every now and then, I can't wait for the day when I have a family and am able to cook with my children, teaching them moderation and respect for what good food can do for your body.

bugheart said...

felted slippers
huge too...
don't worry
they'll turn out!
you should see
my purses
that is
an annoying
so i guess
good food
for your
kids is
is really

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