Wednesday, 21 June 2006

pass the bucket

Evil vile nasty pasty virus. Yep, there's a pox on our house. I'll spare you the details but I feel truly awful and totally overwhelmed and can't imagine ever being well again. And if I see another bucket of sick I'll explode.

But a bright spot amongst it all was this lovely package from Leesa. We picked it up from the post office on Monday, before I was totally struck down and when we thought Amy was getting better - although it turned out she was in a temporary remission.

She's carried Doodle around for days, and I've been dreaming about a time I might be well enough to make use of the gorgeous hand dyed blanket, those fantastic buttons and especially that white trim with the red spot/sqaures on it - isn't it too happy? Thanks Leesa for such a wonderful surprise!

Sorry, time to lie down again...


Turning Japanese said...

Hmmm, Oh dear. My friends (god children) in Kensington had the same thing last week. Yuck. It is times like these that I am happy to be thousands of miles away.

Going to Hiroshima on Sat and will prob finish off your swap. Yippee!!!

leesa said...

Yeah! Glad you and Amy like it. Boo to still feeling sick, I really hope you start to feel better soon.

bugheart said...

take care...
hope you are
very soon!