Wednesday, 14 June 2006

no time to waste

Wouldn't you know it? As soon as Heather posts her much anticipated bitty booty pattern I get another order. I now have commitments for orders, swaps and exhibitions for 14 toys! Am I crazy or what?!

So I'm too busy to make the shoes for at least a couple of weeks. How unbelievably frustrating! Her sample shots are so fabulously enticing I might have to get up the middle of the night to whip a few up when no one's looking. And I don't even have a baby!

Heather we LOVE you and your gorgeous patterns and think you are an absolute star for making them available for FREE. Yay Heather!


Turning Japanese said...

Seriously take your time with mine... Put it on the back burner. I am happy to wait. Packing now for about a month and then I will be living with a friend. No worries about waiting.

krista said...

Good gracious you ARE busy! Fun, tiring, exciting and satisfying all at once I bet!
I commend you hugely if you find the time to post here on top of all that, and look forward to seeing your works!

(I just came across the booties on another site and omg, must try them too, how lovely!)

Ali said...

Yeah - those booties are amazing and my neighbour is pregnant - serendipity!

How great to hear about your orders - that sort of busy is good!

Snowbear said...

good news--busy busy busy!