Monday, 12 June 2006

my weekend in pictures

While David had Amy for the day on Saturday I turned this
into this.Charcoal grey wool flannel with variegated brown chainstitch floral design in a slightly A-line skirt. Will be on me for the great Government House expedition on Friday. I think. Unless I have a wardrobe seizure, which is entriely likely. My first foray into real life pattern drafting for ages and it felt, well, good!

Next I took these
and did thisand ended up with these
The photo isn't great on colour reproduction I must say. The bottom two are done using a colour called wattle bark (makes me feel all aussie inside), the next three using red and top five using purple - all from Sandra my fabulous dealer. Thanks Sandra! And the skinny little strip of green is a kool aid dye curtesey of the gorgeous Leslie over at Oobee who, being an Aussie who came from somewhere else, knows about kool aid and the fact that something you are supposed to drink can do that to wool. Thanks Leslie!

And on Saturday night David and I watched this (again) - what an ace film!while I finished up this nice big shop order for my lovely friend Bernard who I haven't seen for years and years and then I saw him in the street the other day and it was like I saw him yesterday. Don't you love people like that?

On Sunday I took Amy outand we went for a long walk. We saw a couple of my most favourite of nature's freakishly beaustiful flowers, Amy practiced counting on letterboxes and picked up lots of bits of stuff from the footpath.

We went to visit our friends Maria, Sasha and Alessia. Because Maria is a hostess with the mostess and was recovering from a bit dinner party and a late night, we got to feast on left overs. Maria loves Amy because she eats everything!Then Amy and Sasha playedwhile Maria and I yakked and I knitted this,two strands of 8 ply wool, one black one grey, knitted on 7.5mm needles. 35 stitches for about 38cm then halved and sewn up the sides with a slight taper. Love it.

Whacked. Cold and rainy. Nothing on TV so we played Canasta and David whipped my butt reeeal good. Sleep.

Now I can face my birthday tomorrow and advance on old-bag-dom with peace and serenity.



Kate said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Gemini. What an amazing crafty weekend! Love the wool dyeing.

nichola said...

Have a wonderful birthday!
I did some dyeing today too, it's great fun.

Ali said...

Wow, that was a productive weekend! Dying to attack a woolen blanket myself (bad pun, sorry!).

Amy said...

Happy birthday tomorrow/today! I love all your softies, but I have a special place in my heart for that sea lion. It is wonderful!

Samantha said...

The little dog is adorable. Love the patch on his eye!

Aud said...

Happy birthday to you and all the best!

Greetings from Germany


...still waiting for your post about a received softie... ;-))

African Kelli said...

Sooz! I love this post. I have to say, I try to do this regularly where I string together lots of things happening in my life with photos and interesting tidbits. It rarely works for me. But I love how you've done it!

Lisa said...

Sooz, I LOVE the little critters in your Shop!! I think my kiddos will too...I'll be back!! :)

Megan said...

What a weekend, my goodness. Loving that skirt.

bugheart said...

so wonderfully
this weekend!
was the wool
you dyed from
recycled blankets?
i have often
where you get
wonderful felt!
love the colors
you got!
it's lovely
to have such
a sper crafty

redswirl / ginevra said...

Ooo, wow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and the dying is fabulous, I love the colours, I'll have to find myself some old blankets soon & give it a go ;)

Snowbear said...

Those wool bundles look colorful and scruptious!