Tuesday, 13 June 2006

happy birthday to me!

I'm so happy! What a great birthday - and it's not even over yet!

Breakfast with Amy and Dave, lunch with my mum and sister and dinner tonight at the Japanese restaurant with Maria, Am, Sasha and Alessia. Aren't I lucky?

Oh the loot - check out these gorgeous cards (can you guess which one Amy made? Isn't it just too cute? Do I only think that because she's my kid?)

And these fantastic books - can you believe it? Two Japanese crafties I've wanted forever. My heart is a flutter. There's a whole one on making things from socks and gloves - how cool is that?!

And a knitting book (my first!) and this crochet book which forever puts to bed the image of old fashioned lacey acrylic crochet. There's slippers and a floor cushion crochetted out of leather - how cool!

And two cook books - one for fun cupcake making and the other for some serious culinary expansion. Just right.

This Russian caravan tea (my favourite) and a new tea caddy.

And this amazing felted hat - I would love to see them made. It's really thick and stiff to hold it's shape and looks totally stylin' on me. I love the way the coloured fleece peeps out from the brim.

And even though it wasn't intended as a birthday gift, this fantastic shrink plastic swap pack from Julie K arrived today so I'm counting it as part of the haul. Thanks so much Julie! I see hours and hours of shrinky fun on the horizon.

And lots of lovely birthday wishes and phone calls and emails and my work conference call was postponed till tomorrow, so really I'm just blessed :-) Thanks everyone for making it such a great day!


krista said...

I'm glad you've had such a nice birthday!! I loooooove watching Kylie Wong on the Food Network - hope you'll have some fun get fancy with her book :) Just amazing!
Your gifts are perfect it seems your family really knows your heart...
Look forward to seeing lots of gorgeous little cupcakes.

Turning Japanese said...


I have half of the things for our swap. Fun fun

Have a great finish to the day.


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Another gemini! Happy Birthday!

African Kelli said...

Happy birthday! And what great loot you received. Those books are wonderful. Your Backtack kitty is pretty sweet too.

bugheart said...

happy happy
dear sooz...
special birthday
will be sent
to you
so it can be
your birthday
all june,

Fiona said...

Happy birthday Sooz! (Sorry I'm a day late) So glad you had a wonderful day - look at your booty! Enjoy! :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

And if you're as lucky as I am the presents will continue to arrive in dribs and drabs for weeks to come!

Tania Ho said...

happy belated birthday, love all your new goodies :-)

telfair said...

Oddly enough, my birthday was the 11th, and I got the Kylie Kwon book, and a Simple Knits for Living book by Erika Knight!

Fellow Geminis think alike...

Snowbear said...

oh, sorry I'm late--Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a lot of great loot. I'm eyeing that japanese sock doggy book--tell me how it is!
I have the one with the bunny holding the person's hand--I was just thinking of taking it out and giving it a lookie loo.
I like your felt hat too!