Tuesday, 13 June 2006

but wait there's more

More mail!
Aud will be very pleased to hear that her gorgeous pointy kitty Punk arrived - fully gorgeous, though a bit roughed up by our customs officers! I don't know what they thought she might be hiding, or perhaps they just wanted to admire the totally spunky crochet bag Aud made for Amy and matching yarn she sent for me? Or the wonderful tea towel it all came bundled in? Aud - you'll be pleased to know I have actually been to Cologne! It was, however, nearly 30 years ago... Worth the wait, I love it!! Back Tack is the best.

And then my use what you have materials swap for June from Luminous Honey.
I almost wet myself when I saw those fabrics - aren't they gorgeous!! They are so well picked for my taste I just love love love them. The yarn, buttons, trims and beads are also very nice and I am looking forward to using them, now that I have them :-) And aren't those patterns a hoot! Thanks Alison, I am thrilled.

Yep, it's still my birthday.


Turning Japanese said...


Aud said...

He looks like he is pleased at his new home ;-)
Hope you will have fun with Punk!

Greetings from Cologne

P.S.: I will show some photos of Punk and his little sister Flower the next days at my blog...

Alison said...

I'm sure you'll create something awesome. You could use the yarn to make something out of your new knitting book (or crochet book)!

bugheart said...

punk rock
very cute
very tough,
of course...
the saftey pin
the ear?