Friday, 19 May 2006

wonky girl

I was pretty happy with Juliette earlier in the week, but a second creation from my new book is thrilling me even more.

The pattern is asymetrical in quite a few places, so the wonk factor looks pretty convincing rather than contrived, which is also a great relief to a sewer in a hurry.

She's got a cotton interlock skin, a wool felt dress, face and flower details and is stuffed with wool.

I love the way her arms can be crossed! Why does this please me so?

She's headed off as part of a flower themed swap, is a flower motif dress qualification enough? I hope she's enjoyed in her new home. When you are that wonky you need a lot of lovin'.

I'm off tonight for a fundraiser for Amy's kinder. There's a cannon digi cam up as a prize and I'm all crossed I get it - wouldn't that be cool?

Of course it's much more likely I'll drink too much, make an idiot of myself and end up with a piece of rubber poo as a booby prize. Ah well, these are the things you do for your kids. I hope.

I'm taking my knitting because you never know if there will be some quiet time and I am so terribly keen to finish the world's most complicated knitted toy.

I'm onto the pants and jumper after nearly killing myself attempting to understand the vague make-up instructions for the pig itself. I unpicked so much of the sewing I actually accidentally unpicked some of the knitting itself. I almost cried with frustration.

I had to google how to use plastic joints since neither the pattern nor the joints themselves came with instructions (why is that??) and my confidence was so cut to shreds I wasn't prepared to go with the obvious. Of course, the obvious was exactly what it was.

I expect the pig's clothing to be simpler. Maybe I'm dreaming. I'm looking forward to posting pics and saying DONE!


Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...

Wonky Girl is soooooooooo cute! I wish I was your swap partner!!!

Ali said...

Adorable wonky girl - I love her daisy dress.

African Kelli said...

Very, very sweet. What book are you using? Love it!

Amy said...

Oh, the cross arms are priceless!!!

bugheart said...

so cute!
i must have
your cool pattern book!
you have such
a way
with softies!

li li said...

Wonky Girl is such a cute softie! I love the way she crosses her hands. ;D

Alina said...

Hi Soozs,
Nice to meet you too! (I do like wonky girl too, i'm with you on the arm crossing thing, i've got a toy bear for Oscar that does that and it 'hugs' its knitted son, very cute.) It was great to meet another blogger and talk the same language. Admired the felt on your shop site too - looks like i've now got a brand new reason not to buy it from Spot Tight.