Tuesday, 30 May 2006

sneak peek II and the trials of being 3

Now can you guess what I'm becoming? It's not a sock or foot related item, sorry to the guessers so far!

Amy is really struggling with the frustrations of injustice. She's only recently moved on from sadness and withdrawl as a response to cruelty and unfairness to hitting back. She can't see why a wrong can't be met with another wrong. Her favourite revenge is spitting at people (charming) and saying "I don't care" through a veil of tears.

But she does care - her tears and anger betray just how much she cares about righting wrongs and making things fair.

I really feel for her, it's a darn hard lesson to learn that it isn't OK to take an eye for an eye, that no matter how wrong the other person it, it's never nice to do bad things yourself. Most of us never learn it really, and we're so busy shouting at and abusing all the idiots out there we don't have time to reflect on why our kids do the same.

Man, it's hard being 3.


bugheart said...

penguin or snake?

lisette said...

i think penguin too - ack can't stand the suspense!!